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NEFA 15787



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A home movie showing various scenes in and around Newcastle, North Shields, Holy Island and Lindisfarne in Northumberland as well as Housesteads Roman Fort along Hadrian’s Wall. The film includes footage of both the Hoppings Fair taking place on the Newcastle Town Moor as well as the horse-drawn Blaydon Bus seen during the centenary celebrations of the Blaydon Races in 1962. The film also includes footage of fishing boats and the market at North Shields Fish Quay and a visit to Lindisfarne and Lindisfarne Priory.

The film opens on an overhead view showing various rides, stalls and crowds walking around the Hopping’s fair on Newcastle’s Town Moor with the city skyline in the distance.

A small crowd stand around watching a chair-o-plane swing ride in action.

Four women in bedazzling costumes dance on a small stage. One of the women is holding a sign that reads ‘Strip Tease of Fearless Passion’.

There are views of another fairground ride made up of rocket shaped cars moving around at speed. The film cuts to a front-on view of the ride, showing it start, build up speed and lifting the cars into the air. Around the base of the central shaft is written ‘Pay for the Plane’.

The film cuts to a view of another ride this one made up of two people seated inside a tubular seesaw cat that spins them upside down as well as around and around.

From an elevated position a large ferris-wheel can be seen turning. In the background there are views across the site showing large crowds walking around the many rides and stalls.

Passengers climb onto the 'Pay for the Plane’ ride. A small crowd stand and watch as the ride gets underway and climbs into the air.

The film cuts to the exterior of an ornately painted show tent with people walking past. The words ‘Somewhat – Tom Norman – Different’ have been ornately painted along the top of the entrance. A number of posters are displayed beside the entrance one of which reads ‘Come and Rock with Babes’.

Around a fairground stall a number of people are seated. A banner hangs over stall’s awning that reads ‘It’s Vanners from Whitley Bay’.

Two men collect fares from passengers on another fairground ride. It comes to a stop and is then shown moving slowly again picking up speed.

Three young women, two of whom are wearing tutu dresses, dance on a small stage beside a clown who is banging a large drum. The film changes to another stage where two women with blonde hair dance beside a man wearing a dinner-jacket and bow-tie.

Around another fairground stall a group of people stand taking their chance to win one of the prizes hanging down on hooks.

The film cuts to Eldon Square where a number of people climb down off the horse-drawn Blaydon Races bus. Another group are seen climbing aboard. A wooden banner across the top of the bus reads ‘The Celebrated Newcastle Ale’. In the window of the bus a sign reads ‘Eldon Square and Monument’. The horse-drawn bus is seen travelling slowly along a road being passed by a car and a motorcyclist. The film cuts to a view from the top-deck of the open-top bus showing traffic and pedestrians moving up and down the road.

The film cuts to an overhead view of the River Tyne and the Swing Bridge being opened. A cargo ship comes under the Tyne Bridge and passes. Once clear the bridge closes again.

General view of a large building standing in a park. In front of it is a cenotaph or memorial. The film cuts to a statue of an 18th century man stands in the park holding a book. Surrounding him is a row of buildings built beside a road.

The film cuts to a view of a television screen and a programme being shown. The programme appears to be about Africa.

Laid out in boxes on a floor can be seen various types of fish. Outside on the quayside at North Shields Fish Quay a man throws empty crates onto the deck of a fishing trawler. The film cuts to a group of seagulls landing on the quayside as the fishermen walk away. A barrel of salt or ice is poured down a chute into the hold of the trawler.

Inside the fish quay crates of fish are laid out on the floor with men looking over them. Outside on the quayside a fishing trawler heads out to sea. Back inside men look over numerous crates of fish laid out on the floor. Returning outside two men help to swing a large wicker basket of fish from the hold of a boat onto the quayside.

 The film cuts to views showing the exterior of St Mary’s Church on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The camera pans right to show a car parked in the lane beside the remains of Lindisfarne Priory.

General views of the Holy Island lifeboat station. The camera looks out across the water to the mainland. A small yacht is moored on the water. Looking towards Lindisfarne Castle at low-tide a number of small boats can be seen stranded on the sand.

Inside the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory people explore the site. There is a view of a stone window and a well. An overhead view of a small group of people walking across a field. The beach can be seen in the background. The film cuts to a view looking up at Lindisfarne Castle, a Union Jack flag is flying from a high mast. Another view of the castle this time from a distance filmed from the village of Lindisfarne. Two young men walk drunkenly beside the Iron Rails Inn. General views of people walking around the village of Lindisfarne.

On the beach the waves splash onto the sand. Two young boy’s walk into the surf and are seen jumping when the waves hit them. A man and three girls are on the beach. The man, with his trouser legs rolled up, and one of the girls wearing a striped dress play with a ball on the edge of the water while the two other girls in swimming costumes jump and play around in the surf. Sea gulls rest on the sand.

The film cuts to show two young men looking up at the statue of St Aidan beside Lindisfarne Priory. Another group of people explore the ruins of the priory. They walk past a number of gravestones. Scaffolding is erected around part of the priory wall. There follows an overhead view of people walking across the grassed area inside the priory ruin. There is an overhead view of the Holy Island lifeboat station and another yacht moored out at sea.

In the distance can be seen Lindisfarne Castle with a large stone cross standing in the fore-ground possibly beside Lindisfarne Priory. The film cuts to a group of four people walk around the base of the castle. General views showing people either walking towards or coming down the steep path leading to the castle. In Lindisfarne village a crowd of people stand outside a shop. A sign for ‘Wall’s Ice Cream’ hangs from above the door.

The film cuts to Housesteads Roman Fort along Hadrian’s Wall and a view around the remains of a building. The film then cuts to a general view of the Hadrian’s Wall standing in the landscape. There is a view of the small stone pillars that make up the remains of a Roman under floor heating system. A footpath leads along a section of wall surrounded by woodland. A number of people are seen walk along the path in both directions. The camera looks up at a two people walking along a high section of Roman wall. The film cuts to a panning shot from left to right of the now empty section of wall. The film ends with a general view of the Housesteads site which is built on a hillside.