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This film, part of the C.H. Wood collection, contains footage from the 1922 Tourist Trophy (T.T) Races on the Isle of Man. The film follows the five members of the Scott team as well as capturing lots of footage from the actual course.

The Union Film Co. Ltd Liverpool Presents

The Tourist Trophy Races 1922

Title-One of the most rapid and at the same time economical methods of transit by road, of the present day, is by means of the motorcycle. To the business man it also represents a regular pastime, being the source of many happy hours spent far from the turmoil of city life.

Title-The widespread interest in motorcycling is again made prominent by the thousands of spectators who watched the recent Tourist Trophy Races in the Isle of Man, Great Britain.

A shot from the track looking at the spectator stands which is full of people.

Title-The Scott team arrive at the Island.

Five men with caps and long coats, push their motorbikes along a road from what appears to be a port, in the direction of the camera.

Title-If we watch some of the riders going through their daily routine, we will realise what an important part the human element plays in this severe test of man and machine.

Title-4 A.M.  turning out for practice.

Five men in racing leathers and helmets runs down the steps of a building and smile at the camera. They open the door of a garage with `Scott’ painted on the front and ride their motorbikes out.

Title-Then follows a few hours of this.

The camera is at the side of a road watching as the bikes race along the roads past it. Then there is a shot of a couple of the bikes riding down a narrow road in a forest area and taking a tight corner past some spectators.

Title-After breakfast the machines are taken down and thoroughly overhauled.

Two men work on a motorbike; they attach cylinder sections and remove and tighten other pieces.

Title-How the riders keep fit.

Several of the riders sit on a wall along the seafront; they are now dressed in their suits. Another man cycles along the path on a child’s tricycle and waves at the camera as the men laugh in the background.

Title-The rider’s mind must be kept from dwelling too much on the actual race…How this is done.

One of the men rides a motorbike with a sidecar, along the sea front but it is tipped up on two wheels. Then he rides along with a passenger in the side car while another of the men lies on the path and the motorcycle tips up on its side and avoids the man on the path.

Title-9 P.M. Early to bed.

The five motorcyclist walk up the steps of a building in their leathers.

Title-And now we reach the culmination of the months of anxious preparation-the race itself. The contest is over a course of 240 miles, and includes some of the roughest roads, stiffest hills and most dangerous corners in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Riders line up at the starting post.

Title-The Start.

One of the riders runs along with his bike and then hops on.

Title-The first lap.

The bike makes its way along an open road towards the camera and then goes around the tight bend beside the wall full of spectators.

Title-The second lap.

Title-Quarter Bridge

Two riders come around a bend and continue driving.

Title-Wonderful cornering at Governors Bridge.

Shots of the riders going around the tight bend with the spectators and then they arrive back where they started in the race course.

Title-At the re-filling depots

Men are lined up behind pieces of corrugated iron sheets. A bike pulls in beside one of the men and he re-fills with petrol from his station; a boy scout cleans the wheels.

Title-The fourth lap. The enormous demands made upon the machines have materially thinned the ranks of the competitors.

Back on the course and a bike comes along the open road and turns a corner.

Title-This is how to looks to the man in the saddle.

There is footage taken from a bike as it races along the track. Then there are shots of another bike re-filling and then taking off.

Title-The fifth lap.

Some low shots taken from a road looking up at the bikes as they come over the peak of a small hill.

Title-The sixth and last lap. The machines pass the stands amid tremendous excitement.

Shot of some bikes passing the stands and then of the scoreboard and men around it.

At the finishing line a man waves a flag at the riders.

Title-Winner A. Bennett-(Sunbeam)

There is a brief shot of the winner surrounded by a crowd of men who are waving their hats; he smiles.


1st A. Bennett-(Sunbeam)
2nd W. Grandish-(Triumph)
3rd H. Langman-(Scott-Squirrel)
4th C.P. Wood-(Scott-Squirrel)

Title-The End.