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NEFA 11006



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This episode is the six in the series and includes visits to various castles, tourist attractions in North Yorkshire.   It is introduced by Kenneth Cope and Charlotte Allen who visit various interesting and historical places in the region. 

The programme opens with Ken and Charlotte in a horse drawn carriage (an Irish jaunting car) driving through Thornton le Dale, one of the prettiest villages in Yorkshire.  Shots of Hutton le Hole, another attractive village. General views the nearby Folk Museum. Charlotte to camera in the folk park, where history comes to life with restored building and re-enactments etc. Ken interview with the blacksmith in the Nineteenth century smithy, general views an old "crook house" a typical yeoman farmer's cottage, which has been rebuilt on the site; general views ladies old fashioned costume giving a display of lace-making and general views old steam threshing machine in action. 

General views Ken and Charlotte driving across the moors, where the three spheres of the Fylingdales Early Warning station loom up in the distance. General views dolphin show at Flamingo Park Zoo. Various shots of animals in the safari park and general views on the new jungle cruise. Interview with the park's manager, Don Robinson about the idea, which is based on something he saw on a visit to Disneyland in America. He says there are many more such ideas planned for the future. 

Shot the chalk White Horse of Kilburn and general views Ken standing on it. General views gliding activity from the club at Sutton Bank - Air to air shots of gliders and aerial shots over the area, including the White Horse. End of Part One 

Part Two - Ken and Charlotte argue about whether they should go to Whitby or Scarborough. In the end Ken goes to Whitby and Charlotte to Scarborough and the two reports are intercut - various shots of Whitby, such as the Whalebone Arch, the Cook Statue and the Abbey, with comments by Ken, then shots of rough seas breaking over the seafront at Scarborough with Charlotte describing the attractions of the town as she is driven along in an open landau in the pouring rain. Tracking shots of the amusements arcades and bingo halls that are the other side of Scarborough. Ken interviews Dorothy Clegg of the Whitby glassworks about the novelties she makes and back to Charlotte in "soaking wet Scarborough", where she learns to water-ski on Scarborough Mere. Various general views of her in action. Various shots of the festivities taking place during Whitby’s Annual Regatta and then back to Charlotte watching a mock naval battle between model ships and aircraft in Scarborough's Peasholme Park. She then goes on a pirate ship cruise to Treasure Island in Scarborough mere, where Ken has taken a job as a gorilla to frighten the visitors. He chases Charlotte but she escapes back onto the ship and Ken is left marooned on the Island.