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YFA 802



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This amateur film was made by Kathleen Lockwood and contains footage of the Holme Valley countryside and Holmfirth village. There are also shots of a religious procession and from the set of `Last of the Summer Wine'.

Title- A scenic tour of the Holme Valley in the early 1970s.

The film opens in the centre of Holmfirth and shows the busy village, its familiar stone cottages, the riverside and many local people. There are more shots of the local school, the fire station and buses that run through the town, as well as the park and cenotaph.

The following section opens with a shot of a newspaper clipping announcing the filming of the popular television programme `Last of the Summer Wine'. The long running programmes extensive outdoor scenes are always filmed in the Holme Valley region. There are shots of the programme being filmed, the actors and the camera crew.

Title-Whit Sunday 1974.

There is a shot taken from a distance away looking down the road at a religious procession that makes its way through the town. People then gather on a green and a service takes place. This is followed by shots of one of the local churches.

The film then cuts to show hounds being exercised and then winter shots of the surrounding countryside and roads covered in snow. The following shot takes places on a sunny day and people are skiing down a large hill.

The next section takes place in summer time and there are extensive panning shots of the valley that capture both the countryside and the architecture of the various buildings.

Title-At Longley Farm in Holmfirth.

There are shots of the mill and surrounding area including other landmarks such as Jackson's Bridge and New Mill. The film closes with more shots from the set of `Last of the Summer Wine' as the actors take a break.