Film ID:
YFA 2811



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At the Hazelbush Travel Bureau, many groups of tourists and families enjoy mealtime in the midst of their travels.

The film opens with a shot of the tour bus car park with groups of people, including many children, standing near or departing from the buses.

There is a long line of people waiting to go through the self service entrance to the cafe.

Once inside the cafe, people await cups of hot coffee or tea. Families and groups, made up of many different generations of people, eat together at the cafe tables. There is also a shot of a man waiting at the till to pay for his meal.

Now outside, the front of the building is shown featuring its name, Hazelbrush Travel Bureau with Restaurant. Also, as mealtime is coming to a close, the travel buses depart the car park full again of travellers.

The film closes with a shot of an older man smiling in front of a few buses and a family sitting around a picnic table outside.