Film ID:
NEFA 21769

TOUR (8)


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This film by railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson specialises in filming steam railways in the North East region. However the content of this film is probably filmed in the North West as part of a special tour.

The film begins with a side on view of a young woman wearing a lilac coloured jumper or cardigan. The view is skewed 90 degrees to the vertical so the woman appears to be lying down, possibly due to accidental operation of the camera.

The film cuts to a railway bridge over a tunnel looking out to the railway going off into the distance. Two figures on the embankment of the railway cutting just outside the tunnel seem to be bending the sapling trees which are planted in the side of the cutting. They maybe attempting to snap the trunk and throw the debris on the line.

From the trackside in the railway cutting an approaching steam train travels past and goes under the bridge. The engine is pulling a passenger train. Another trackside view follows, the camera level with the railway line as a steam train approaches on the line running next to it. The train speeds past and travels off into the distance. Another trackside view follows of the same train in a different location. A board on the smoke box reads 'Two Cities Limited(?)'.

Next another trackside view in a cutting which accommodates a number of rail lines. The train speeds towards the camera, the engine no. is 73069 which is a BR5 class 4-6-0, built at Crewe works. The train heads off under a bridge.

Indistinct shots follow of rail line due to camera being left on when not shooting a subject.

A high angle view probably from a bridge shows a DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) travelling through open country. Followed by the tour trainĀ  which passes under a signal gantry. The tour train on this occasion being pulled by a different locomotive.

The film cuts to a town or city with a white arched bridge, reminiscent of the Tyne bridge, this is the Runcorn - Widnes bridge near Liverpool. The railway bridge is the Ethelfleda Viaduct rail crossing. A train carries on across a massive curving viaduct.

The film cuts to three young men lying on the road trying to fix something under the rear end of a Morris Minor Traveller (reg. no. 168 UTB). Indistinct views of a house interior ends the film.