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YFA 5008



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This is a film from the Anne Horner Collection.  The film shows the family on holiday in Torquay and Filey, with friends the Williamsons, over several years.

The film begins with a man in a white coat, Anne's father Roy, lighting a cigarette as he looks at some flower beds in some park gardens.  Then it moves on to a beach with sunbathers, and people carrying a boat back to the boat rack, before going to a busy outdoor swimming pool lined with deckchairs at a holiday resort.

Next, there is the annual charity parade along the seafront, including a large group of riders on scooters and a marching band.  There are children racing, followed by people at a swimming pool larking about back at the holiday resort, with two men sitting on a piece of timber going over the pool, each trying to knock the other off in a fun organised water sport event. There is a brief look again at the man in the white coat in the garden with flowers, before returning to the swimming pool.

A man gets into a small helicopter and flies off.   Then the film switches to a beach at Filey, with two small children on ponies (1963).  A pony goes hunting for food in one of the children's basket in the baby’s buggy, even with the child in it.  The two children run near the sea.  Next members of the family are sat outside a hotel, before returning to the two small girls, including Sally Corrigan's, with bucket and spades on the beach and then jumping on trampolines.  Back in Torquay pool there is more larking about at the swimming pool on lilos (1964).