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YFA 3719



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Made by Robert Freeman, this film is contains family footage at Christmas, 1955 as well as scenes at Bridlington Harbour, Falling Foss, and Flamborough.

The film opens with three boys walking through a field. One of the boys finds a coin by a tree. They examine it and take it over to a man who is sitting on a park bench. The man gives the boys change for the coin, and they run off across the road to the shop. The boys all look at the top shelf where there are rows of sweets. The shopkeeper weighs out the sweets but gets annoyed as they keep ordering more causing him to climb up and down the stepladder.

In the next scene, a bridge is being built, and one of the construction men lies down. This is followed by scenes at Bridlington Harbour. There are many people out and about walking along the seafront. The streets near the shops are crowded, and there is a shot of the exterior of the Harbour Master's Office. The harbour is filled with boats, and a helicopter can be seen as it flies over the sea. Fishing boats and fishermen fill the harbour, and there also some amateurs who fish over the side of the pier.

The next portion of the film begins with close-ups of colourful flowers. This is followed by footage taken around the country cottage Falling Foss. Sign - No Horse Riding. The Freeman family walks through the woods and near waterfalls, and there are more close-ups of the flowers.

There is a shot of a puzzle cover: Circular. The puzzle is laid out piece by piece from the outside inwards.

A woman draws on mirror with lipstick. She writes out, "Christmas 1955." The woman sticks out her tongue and smiles to the camera. In the lounge, the children play with their toys. The family then enjoy eating Christmas dinner and decorating tree. A Donald Duck mask is passed around, and the children wear paper hats from Christmas Crackers.

Finally there is a trip to Flamborough. Women walk by a shop, and the family walk to the cliffs and then walk across the beach, eating picnic, walking through cliff arches. There are then shots of the boats and slip way and men taking a boat up slip way

Title - The End.