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NEFA 21664



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An amateur film made by members of the Cleveland Cine Club showing the Merlin Parachute Club parachuting from the Doncaster Parachute Centre. The film begins with views of the airport and pilots looking over their planes. The aircraft taxi to the runway and members of the club get on-board. There are views filmed from the ground as well as in the plane of people jumping and coming into land.

Title: Merlin Parachuting Club

The film opens on two light aircraft parked beside a building. The insignia on the tailfin of one of the aircraft reads ‘Doncaster Parachute Centre’. A man comes over and looks at the first aircraft cutting to a view of the second.

The film cuts to a view of an air traffic control tower and then to a man preparing one of the aircraft for flight. The aircraft taxis away followed by the second.

A group of people in skydiving equipment walks towards and climb on-board one of the aircraft. It taxis towards the runway and takes off. In the sky, parachutists jump from their plane and their chutes open. They are filmed slowly descending and landing on the ground.

From an aircraft in the sky looking down onto the clouds below a parachutit sits in the doorway and jumps. Two more jump and the film cuts to the ground where they come into land.

One of the aircraft takes off again and a parachutists jumps from the aircraft, their chute opening.

The film ends with two people walking away from a shop that is on the other side of a small stream from the road.