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YFA 5111



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This is the first part of a film made by Dorothy Langshaw of a trip by the children of Westfield Infants School in York where Dorothy was the Headmistress.  This part is to Auburn Farm, near Bridlington, and the RAF base at Linton-on-Ouse.  The soundtrack includes the song ‘Down on the farm’.

The film begins at a farm with a harvester, and pigs lounging in the sun.  School children look at a field of cows and walk around with their Headmistress.  They take a look at sheep and more cows.  There is a road sign for RAF Linton-on-Ouse.  The children have a look around the aircraft on display, and watch some taking off.  Some children sit on the driving seat of a fire engine and go up the observation tower.  One small girl tries on a fire fighters helmet.

Back at the school all the children emerge from an Austin Allegro, to the tune of the theme song for the children’s television programme ‘Play Away’.  The film finishes with a house in a street at night time.