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Made by Alan Sidi, member of the Mercury Movie Makers, this film is a light-hearted, slapstick comedy about what happens when two children are left alone in the kitchen to bake a cake.  The film features Alan, his wife, and his two children Fiona and Paul. 

Title – Fiona & Paul in
Title – Too Many Cooks

The film opens with Fiona and Paul’s father looking at a box on the table – Ann Pillsbury’s Cake Mix for Kids.  Leaving it on the table, he goes into the lounge to sit and read the paper.  Fiona and Paul come downstairs and see the baking kit on the table.  Excited by this, they take the kit into the kitchen and begin baking.

The kitchen table is covered in ingredients.  Both the children are wearing aprons, and Fiona is mixing a bowl of pink cake batter.  In need of additional ingredients, Fiona goes into the pantry to get some eggs.  She is unable to reach the eggs and decides to use a box as a step-stool.  Unfortunately the box is not sturdy enough, and it crumbles just as she gets a hold of the eggs.  This causes the eggs to fall on her head, breaking and dripping egg all over her hair and face. 

Back at the table, Fiona tastes the mixture, and satisfied with its flavour, goes to put the cake in the oven.  She sets the timer on the kitchen counter, and when it has gone off, Fiona opens the oven only to have it explode black smoke in her face.  The cake is still intact, and Fiona pulls it out of the oven.  As she does so, the family cat runs in front of her, causing her to trip falling flat on the cake.  Upset, Fiona yells at the cat, waving her arms in the air only to knock over the bag of flour which had been on the kitchen table.  Her anger quickly turns into laughter, and Fiona continues baking.

Fiona mixes the batter with an electric mixer, and the angle at which she holds the mixer causes the batter to go all over Paul.  Angry at being covered in cake mix, Paul picks up a pie on the table and throws it in his sister’s face.  Fiona of course retaliates causing a huge food fight. 

Hearing the commotion in the kitchen, their father comes in from the lounge to see what is going on.  Fiona is just about to throw a pie in Paul’s face as their father enters the kitchen. Paul ducks just in time to avoid the pie but causing Fiona to hit her father in the face.  Dad is quite angry, and as he tries to walk closer to his daughter, he slips on the floor which is covered in cake batter and whipped cream.  He falls into the fridge, shaking it so that the bottle of milk on top of the fridge falls off, hitting him on the head and knocking him unconscious.  The children seem to find this quite amusing and being to laugh. 

The film ends as Fiona and Paul’s mother returns home to find her husband on the floor and a great mess in her kitchen.  She gasps as she walks in the door, and the children look at each other wondering how to explain this situation. 

Title – The End.