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YFA 1885



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This is short comedy film about a couple who make a trip to a summer fair in their new car, only to find that they are too late.

Title: Parkland Productions Present 'Too Late Now'
With Jim and Joan Payne
Produced and directed by Fred Wells

A man returns home early to meet his wife with the announcement of a surprise. He takes her outside to show her his new car. Having inspected the car, they go back inside to have their tea. On her suggestion, the couple decide to set off early the next day to go to a summer fair in Leicestershire. The next morning, after breakfast, he checks the car while she washes up, makes the bed, and puts some washing on. Meanwhile he sits down to read the Sunday Post. She then makes some sandwiches and joins him on the settee to look at the magazine. He tells her to hurry, at which point, in a huff, she gets the Hoover out and starts vacuuming the carpet, stating that she isn't leaving the house until it is clean. He goes out to read the paper in the car. She finishes, he returns to the house, and they have a cup of tea. Whilst he puts things in the car, she hangs the washing out. He waits for her sitting on the settee as time ticks away.

Finally they get into the car to leave; only the car won't start. He fiddles with something under the bonnet allowing for the car to start, and they get under way. On arrival at their destination they find an empty field. A sign on the gate shows that the fair was for Saturday 21st July, the day before. They get back in the car and drive off quarrelling.

The End