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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and contains footage of one of the Arndale Shopping Centre developments in Poole. The film talks about the benefits of covered shopping centres as well as showing footage of the various shops and talking to the local businesses that have moved into the centre.

Title-Town and Properties Ltd. Present

Tomorrow's Shopping Today!

People walk around a covered arcade, and the voiceover says that covered shopping centres are not a new invention. Burlington Arcade in West London was built in Victorian times and is still a tourist attraction. There are shots of jewellery stores and clothing shops.

The voiceover talks about how much people have always enjoyed markets because of what they have to offer; everything that is except comfort. There is a high shot taken of a large open market and then of a street. The voiceover says that enclosed shopping centres are more common and offer all sorts of shops as well as an opportunity to shop around.

He talks about the benefits of precinct shopping, and there are shots of a new development with covered sections and lots of shoppers. The voiceover says that when it rains they get almost as wet as on the high street, so the developers decided that they could do better; they came up with Arndale Shopping Centres; there is a shot of the entrance to the centre in Poole.

There is a shot of the front of a large shopping centre and then on the inside are shots of huge crowds, many shops, seating and a water feature. The voiceover describes the benefits of this type of shopping. There are shots of `Milwards', `Boots' and `British Home Store', to name but a few.

There is a high shot of the vast car park, as well as the bus station that brings bus-loads of shoppers into the centre. There are more shots of the customers of all ages, wandering into the shops. The voiceover says that the enclosed centres allow shops to opens their shop fronts to allow customers an easier browsing experience.

There are shots of Hamilton and Bell, C & A and lots of other types of shops. There is a sequence of shots of workers in the shops helping the customers, a busy Tesco store with promotions women, and a shot of the outside of a large Woolworths. The voiceover says that the different types of shops are well represented in covered centres, including local businesses.

There are cafes, snack bars and restaurants as well as every convenience necessary: toilets, pram parking areas and phones. There are shots of the management team having a meeting in order that the Town and Centre developments run in a uniform manner. He goes on to describe the other events that are held in the centres: ballroom dancing, exhibitions and fashion shows. Ken Dodd is on a stage in the centre of the centre, surrounded by a crowd of people. He talks to the large waiting crowd before he officially opens a new Tesco store.

They talk to John Beale of Beale's department store as well as other local traders who have moved to the centre.

There is also footage of the sports and recreation centre that was opened in the shopping centre. Men and women of all ages play squash, badminton and boules as well as doing gymnastics and trampolining.

The voiceover says that the Arndale Shopping Centres have been adopted and constructed in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

The voiceover says that up and down the country, old buildings are being knocked down and new centres built and that it is urban renewal in the best possible sense.

Title-Commentary by Dennis Linford

Title-Produced by C.H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

Title-For Town and City Properties Ltd.