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YFA 2255



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This is a road safety film made by Kingston-upon-Hull City Police which depicts a fictional family and illustrates how carelessness can lead to tragic accidents.  The film also includes good footage of Hull and the surrounding area.  

The opening credits run over an image of the Police Band playing the Teddy Bears picnic tune.  (See full list of credits at end of notes.)

A Police Constable, seated behind a desk, speaks directly to camera introducing the Road Safety issues of the film.  The narrator introduces the audience to Granddad who is playing bowls on the green.  Next the younger sister Susan comes out of school to be met by older sister, Joan.  The scene is set for the first example of carelessness on the road when Susan protests at being collected from school.  She runs off into the path of a lorry which brakes just in time.  All three return home. 

Father works as an Engineering Instructor at a local training centre.  He is shown in the workshop.  At lunchtime, the men file out of the building.  Father rushes to his car and drives off ignoring the 5 M.P.H speed limit sign.  He drives recklessly through the streets of Hull to his home.   

The film introduces Sheila, the eldest daughter who is seated behind a typewriter in a small office.  She puts on her hat and coat and walks off to meet her brother, Joe.  Joe has just returned from the War, and Shelia goes to meet him at the train station.  The city centre is full of other pedestrians as she walks to the station, and as she walks through the station, a WH Smith shop can be seen in the background.  The train arrives, and the servicemen walk down the platform.  Joe and Sheila walk off arm in arm.  There is then a close up of a bus as they climb aboard.  Additionally there are some excellent shots of Hull city centre as they pass by on their journey.  Joe is being reckless as he jumps off the bus before it has stopped moving.  He is greeted by his family upon his arrival home.   

Joan is sent off on her bike to do the shopping.   She fixes a basket to the front of the bicycle in order to carry the shopping back home.  Joe gets his bike out of the shed to find it is in a poor state of repair.  He rides off doing tricks.  Granddad goes to the bike shop to buy new brake locks for Joe’s bike. 

The narrator makes the point that accidents happen when your mind is on other things.  Dad and Joe are off to watch a football match and so Joe neglects to fix the brakes on his bike. 

Sign - Boothferry Park, Hull City vs West Ham United”   

Joe and Dad set off in the car almost knocking down a lady.  Their journey is full of near accidents.  A trawler can be seen being towed into dock.  The car journey is stopped by the road bridge which is being open to let the trawler through.  The car races through Hull city centre.  A policeman stops them to give Dad a ticket for going through the traffic lights.  They finally stop at a garage where Sheila’s fiancé, Bill, works.  Bill inspects the car.  Now back on the road, Dad parks the car at the corner of a busy street and next to a bus stop.  This causes many traffic problems as a bus tries to get round the car.   

When they arrive at the football stadium, there is a large crowded gathered to enter, and a stadium full of fans watching the players come onto the pitch.  This is followed by scenes of the football game.   

At home, Sheila tries on her wedding dress.  Dad and Joe arrive and tell her Bill wants to postpone the wedding by a week.  She runs off to phone him from the phone box up the road.  In her haste she is nearly hit by a car.  She phones Bill, and operator puts her through.  At the garage Bill is called to the phone.  He and Sheila argue, and he puts on his hat and coat before getting on his motorbike.  Bill races off on his bike, through the city, on his way to sort things out with Sheila. 

Meanwhile Joan borrows Joe’s bicycle before the breaks have been fixed.  She and Bill crash.  Both are seen lying on the ground, and a nearby Doctor runs to the scene.  A woman on a bike stops and goes to a phone box to call for an ambulance.  The call is patched through to the Police Operations room where they answer her call.  An ambulance departs from the station, and a police patrol car is also called in.  A crowd has gathered at the scene, and they are cleared as soon as the ambulance arrives.  Both Joan and Bill are put on stretchers and taken off in the ambulance to Hull Royal Infirmary.   

At the hospital, both are wheeled through the hospital to a ward.  The family arrive by car outside the hospital.  Inside a doctor breaks the news to the family that Bill has died.   

The family arrive home, and in the empty sitting room, wedding dress is draped over a chair.  There is a close-up of the brake locks for Joe’s bike.  The film comes to an end as the narrator reiterates the point that carelessness causes tragedy and that, “tomorrow is too late.”

Title – The End.

Opening Credits:  
Directed by Hannchen M. Drasdo
Photography by William E. Jacketts, 
Detective Constable Kingston-upon-Hull City Police Ernest L. Halliday
Music by the Kingston-upon-Hull City Police Band, directed by Inspector H. Elston
Recorded by Imperial Sound Studios
Filmed and Produced by kind permission of the Kingston-upon-Hull Road Safety (Special) Committee.
Chairman Councillor J.S. Wilson, J.P.
Grateful thanks are extended to the Drasdo Repertory Company for the wholehearted co-operation they have given to this production
The Kingston-upon-Hull Road Safety (Special) Committee are indebted to the following for their valuable assistance:-
The Directors of Hangers Paints Ltd.
The Directors of Hull City Football Club.
The Directors of Education.
The Parks Superintendent.
The Medical Officer of Health.
The Matron and Staff of the Hull Royal Infirmary (Sutton Annexe).
The Government Training Centre.
British Railways, North East Region.
The wedding ensemble worn by Billie Grayson, designed and created by the House of Mirelle
Hair Style by the Regency Hair Modes

Grandad… Frederick Leonard
Susan… Pamela Coates
Joan… Patricia Jaram
Mother… Vera Smith
Dad… Vivian Godfrey
Sheila… Billie Grayson
Joe… Geoffrey Cullington
Bill… Sidney Carver

Other Players:  Dennis Ball, Grace Clark, Brenda Duggleby, John Gresham, Stephen Hare, William Holmes, Betty Milns, Frank Smith, Brian Swallow, Gladys Swallow, George Wright.

Commentary by S. Lawrence Esq., M.B.E., Chief Constable, Kingston-upon-Hull City Police