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YFA 506



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This is a film showing a performance of The Tom Thumb Club, a children’s club sponsored by the Yorkshire Evening News, and also of someone on their travels: to the Isle of Mann (with film of the Manx novelist Sir Hall Caine), the Middle East and London.

The film begins showing a boy magician's act on a stage, assisted by a small girl and another boy.  He begins by pulling a rabbit form a hat.  The audience of children clap.

Intertitle -   Tom Thumb entertains the children

The children watch as the magician performs a trick.

Intertitle -   Tom's watch trick was the chief attraction

With the girl sitting down, the magician holds up a watch.

Intertitle – “Ladies and Gentlemen, this watch, which you now see, will entirely disappear"

He walks out into the audience and comes back. There follows another act with a boy dressed in navy uniform and two girls. The film switches to outside, with houses and then a woman picking something from a tree.

Intertitle - Life in the village

An elderly woman in traditional costume walks towards the camera and poses. A boy shepherds some pigs in front of a timber framed cottage, and picks one up.  The farmer and the boy go off on a cart being pulled by two cows.

Intertitle - The Harvest

Men are cutting corn in a field with scythes.

Intertitle - National Costumes

A line of women and a man pose in their traditional dress. A man goes off in a horse and cart. Some people walk over a timber bridge near a waterfall.

Intertitle - Towering over all is Snaefell

Snaefell on the Isle of Man can be seen in the distance

Intertitle - Laxey Wheel.

The wheel is seen.

Intertitle - Scenes at Tynwald, the oldest parliamentary ceremony in the world.

Dignitaries, including a judge, walk between lines of soldiers.

Intertitle - Greeba Castle - home of the world famous Manx novelist Sir Hall Caine.

The front of the house is covered in ivy and Sir Hall Caine comes out of the house and stands for the camera.

Intertitle - Farewell Mona's Isle.

Crowds are at the docks where the ferry returns to the mainland.  Then people are swimming in sea before the film switches to show a woman lounging on a chaise longue with a servant standing by.

Intertitle - The house is built around the "Patio" or courtyard.

There are people in a courtyard with a fountain.

Intertitle - All the rooms look on to the patio.

There is a woman in a colourful dress.

Intertitle - The master of the house passes his time at the cafe

Men sit at a table outside a cafe with a hookah and drinking tea.

Intertitle -  … smoking his Narghilch …

A man is seen smoking a hookah and a cloaked figure enters a building.

Intertitle -  All their faces are uncovered at these meetings, the master of the house is not allowed to be present.

A woman is shown close up.

Intertitle -  A servant prepares Moorish coffee.

A servant sits in a doorway, preparing coffee.  This is served to two women sitting on a chaise langue.

The film switches to a pleasure boat going along the Thames in London, passing St Paul's Cathedral and approaching Tower Bridge and then passing Westminster. Then a woman and two children, eating ice creams, walk towards the camera.  Then there is an airfield, with a German plane, possibly a Messerschmitt .

At the end of the film is an excerpt from the Charlie Chaplin film, 'Between Showers".