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NEFA 22011



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This Tyne Tees Television Today at Six news item covers the comical chaos of a homemade boats race across Seahouses harbour in the first year of May Week celebrations in the Northumbrian coastal village. The report was originally broadcast on 7 May 1975.

Some men push a raft made of planks strapped to metal drums with a makeshift sail and a pirate skull and bones flag. A small child rides on the raft down to the harbour. In the sea, a man in a wetsuit is dealing with his own raft named the May Queen. A woman tries to climb into her floating tub in the harbour with little success. Another man succeeds in paddling his raft.  A lifeboat is launched into the harbour. The woman in a floating tub has managed to get in and paddles in the water. There are screams of laughter as people watch the motley assortment of rafts in the harbour, which all look precariously unstable. Some men in wetsuits are helping float one of the rafts. A man and woman laugh as their raft sinks. The piece ends with a general view of two rafts struggling across Seahouses harbour.