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NEFA 21822



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Mute Tyne Tees Television news footage transmitted on the 19th November 1968 showing various industrial views along the River Tees passing the Newport Bridge and heading towards the Transporter Bridge.

The report begins with a view of the River Tees looking down from a hill within a rural scene. Travelling shot from boat sailing downstream. A crane is working scrap metal in a yard beside the river. A number of tug boats are moored along a nearby quayside.

General view of the cargo ship Engelina Broerf docked along a different quayside. In the distance smoke pours from a factory chimney.

As the boat travels under the Newport Bridge, the skipper is seen at the wheel. From the riverbank, the boat continues to travel downstream, the Newport Bridge in the background.

Travelling shot of the North Tees power station at Stockton on-Tees with smoke billowing from a number of chimneys. The film cuts to show the boat passing an oil terminal and a tank farm. From the quayside besides the North Tees power station, a large crane unloads ore from a cargo ship.

A large tanker sits on a slipway under construction at a shipyard, possibly Smiths Dock. Looking back from the rear of the boat, a number of large cranes can be seen along the quayside beside the shipyard.

As the boat approaches the Transporter Bridge, the dredger Heortness travels by in the opposite direction.

The report ends with views of the boat travelling back upstream under the Newport Bridge intercut with views of the skipper at the wheel.