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NEFA 22012



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Tyne Tees Television Today at Six news report on an interactive theatre experience for children performed in a mobile geodesic dome, which stands in for a spaceship. This item was originally broadcast on 7 May 1975.

The news piece opens with close-ups of the structure of a small geodesic dome. An actor dressed in a khaki safari suit and fake moustache leads a group of young children towards this mobile dome, which he calls a spaceship. Some other actors in this experimental theatre group, dressed in costumes of blue cloaks, rainbow motif white T shirts and white afro wigs, follow the children inside the dome.

Inside, a kinetic mobile of a rainbow revolves from the ceiling. The children are in hysterics as they lay on their backs on a bouncy inflatable on the floor. A fake computer control system manned by actors makes them believe they are setting off on an intergalactic flight in a spaceship over the rainbow and back. Aftre the pretend flight, the children count down to a landing back on earth. An actor opens the dome door to let them out.

Interview with theatre director about the ‘total experience’ of this theatre for children. He talks about the follow-up educational work the children do at school.

Interview with some school children at the performance who sing the reporter the song they were taught in the ‘spaceship’. They are all enthusiastic about the experience.