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Tyne Tees Television reporter Phil McDonnell interviews Paul and Linda McCartney on the stage of Newcastle City Hall where they will be performing in their band Wings. The report, transmitted 11 July 1973, begins with views of the crew setting up on stage followed by the couple being asked about performing again to live audiences and what has changed in his music since the days of The Beatles

The report begins with views of the stage crew unloading and setting up equipment and lighting on the stage at Newcastle City Hall.

Sitting beside the stage, Paul and Linda McCartney are interviewed by reporter Phil McDonnell. Paul is asked what made him go back to the gruelling business of one night stands? Paul replies that he likes to be in a band and playing music. It really isn’t that gruelling if you take it easy and take a few days off; ‘it’s quite cool’. Linda agrees with Paul and says she loves touring and going into towns, playing for the people.

Paul is then asked if he has problems playing in front of a live audience again? He says that he has been away from performing for six years. He found the first few gigs a little more difficult than it had been, but after a couple of months he got back into it. He says that he had come up to Newcastle University for a ‘surprise thing’ where no one knew they were performing except those in the crowded dining hall.

The next question asked is in what way has his approach to music changed since the heyday of The Beatles? Paul doesn’t really know, he doesn’t think it has changed much. He doesn’t really have a philosophy when writing songs and going on to play them. He thinks people get into it a lot more than he does.

Linda comments that Paul does try new sounds out with her and the band. Paul continues by saying that he’s not really trying to break away from The Beatles image as they are finished. He has a new band now and if the sound comes out a bit like The Beatles, he doesn’t think it will, it wouldn’t worry him.

Finally, Paul is asked what he is looking for in life now? He doesn’t really know. If he were to sit down it would probably be personal happiness, peace, all the kind of things most people want.