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NEFA 22236



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A Tyne Tees Television news report presented by Phil McDonnell and transmitted 2 June 1975 about the shortening growing season for crops in the northern region.

Piece to camera with reporter Phil McDonnell in a field of linseed, also known as  flax, explaining that the temperature in the northern hemisphere is slowly but surely cooling down and that this is threatening agricultural productivity in the region.

Interview with an academic expert on this subject who says the changes are marginal, appearing slowly over many years. This year has had a cold late spring. He continues by saying that research is being carried out to find a more reliable way to predict the weather.

The professor says the growing season has reduced by two to three weeks in the past forty years with crops such as maze seeing a decline in productivity to such an extent that they may not be able to grow in this part of England. He points out new crops such as linseed which have a shorter growing season that is more tolerant to the cold. He ends the report by saying that the shift in crop patterns will be even more important for the future.