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This Tyne Tees Television Today at Six news item covers the closure of the ladies public toilets in the centre of Morpeth. This item was originally broadcast on 7 May 1975. Charlotte Allen reports.

Women try to get into the closed public toilets in the centre of Morpeth, one woman banging on the door angrily.

Vox pops with two men. One man with a posh accent finds it disgraceful that Morpeth has no ‘convenience for the ladies’. The second younger man says he sees the problem from a business angle as a lot of coach trips for older people and disabled children arrive in Morpeth. He voices his concern and thinks that the council has had long enough to fix the toilets.

Vox pop with an elderly woman who thinks it’s disgusting. ‘It’s not just the bus parties that are inconvenienced. It’s shoppers and residents.’ She wonders why the men’s toilets aren’t closed too.

Vox pop with two young women who have tried to use the toilets. One says that she’s spent more than an hour getting to Morpeth on the bus and is desperate to go to the loo.