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A Tyne Tees Television news report transmitted on the 2 June 1975 three days before the United Kingdom European referendum vote on June 5th. The report looks at the local referendum campaign in Newcastle which, the reporter says is being masterminded in this region ‘over cups of tea in tiny temporary offices and homely front rooms – democracy at the grassroots’. The report features interviews on both side of the debate, ironically, both representatives are members of the Labour Party; Richard Hoyle, honorary organiser of ‘Keep Britain in Europe’, and Doris Starkey of ‘Get Britain Out’.

The report opens with a shot through a window into a small office in central Newcastle showing Richard Hoyle, a 60 year old Magistrate and Labour Party worker from North Yorkshire, on the phone. In the window a poster reads ‘Vote Yes, Keep Britain in Europe’. Two small ‘Vote Yes’ posters are attached to a door inside the office block. The door opens and inside are shelves stacked with bundles of brown paper packages, booklets and leaflets. A woman comes over, collects some leaflets from the shelves and returns to her desk beside Mr Hoyle who is still on the phone. As he continues to speak into the telephone, she stuffs envelopes with ‘Vote Yes’ posters.

In the front window of a semi-detached house in the leafy suburb of Jesmond, a poster reads ‘EEC Vote No’. Seventy-four year old Mrs Doris Starkey, secretary of the Newcastle City Labour Party and a card carrying Socialist for more than 57 years. She sits at her dining room table typing up a talking points sheet for ‘Get Britain Out’ that is dated March 1975.

Interviews cut back and forth between Mr Hoyle and Mrs Starkey talking about their referendum campaign and how they feel the vote will go. They are also asked about the fact that they are both members of the Labour Party, but are fighting on opposite sides of the debate.

The report ends on general views of Mr Hoyle on the phone in his office and Mrs Starkey typing from her dining room table.