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NEFA 21844



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A Tyne Tees Television news magazine item in which a couple perform a song lamenting the demolition of the old Byker area of Newcastle. As they sing, the film intercuts views of Byker filmed by a news crew showing the older terraced streets being demolished as well as the new Byker Wall. This report was transmitted 15 October 1974.

Standing at a microphone, a woman begins to sing. Sitting on a stool next to her a man plays a guitar. As she sings the film intercuts views of a fire burning on a piece of waste ground with a young boy playing nearby. Shots of traffic moving along Shields Road are intercut with the fingers of the guitarist plucking his strings.

A bulldozer works to demolish a terraced house. A man nearby uses a sledgehammer to smash something. The camera pulls back revealing an empty space where houses once stood. In the background, a number of other derelict properties wait for demolition.