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YFA 2651



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This is a short informative film made by filmmaker K.G. Tofield, which shows the various titles available for use in filmmaking.

The first is an example of the different shaped lettering which can be used for titles such as Roman and capital letters. A hand comes into shot holding tweezers which catch letters as they fall. The letters spell out `The Derwent Reservoirs'.

There are also examples of different background settings which can be placed behind titles.

Title-A Winter Ramble

This has been placed over a still of snowy hills and trees.

Title-A Racing Interlude

This has been put over a silhouette of men on horses racing.

Title-Newspaper Cuttings

This has been used over clippings of newspaper articles.

Title-Smoking Concert

Has been positioned next to a cigarette.

There are various different backgrounds used including: images of flowers/ walls and statues, photograph of children in the street and a photo of a cloudy sky with a tree outlined at the bottom of it.

Title-The End.