Film ID:
YFA 5119



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This is a film of various events, including a wedding, a funeral and a winter of large snow drifts.

The film begins with a car driving past a castle and then along a city inner ring road, possibly Newport, with a road sign for Chepstow (M4), Raglan (A449).  They drive through Cardiff and over the Severn Bridge.  The film switches to lots of fish swimming in a park lake, with visitors walking around the outside.  Then the film switches again to a large group of people sat around the outside of a room holding drinks at a party with food and a cake.  The party is to celebrate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Colin Tinker’s parents at Upperthong Village Hall, near Holmfirth.

Then on to a model airplane being flown in a field (overexposed), before going to a large ancient walled garden and a photo of two women with a farmer, neighbour George Mitchell, and sheep (the photo accompanied Sir Francis Chichester on his lone trip to Australia: see background notes).

There is a view over a dale and then moors (colour out).  A man gets into a decorated Rover (reg. WUB 196H).  Again there is the model plane.  There is a man on a tractor and a flooded field.

A line of people queue to go into Blenheim Palace.   Visitors walk around the grounds and fountains of the house.

The film switches again to the funeral of Ida Tinker being held at Batsford Park Church, on Lord Dulverton’s Estate. Moreton-on March, Gloucestershire.  The flowers are shown laid out near the grave.  Then there is a large group shot of those attending the funeral on a hot summer’s day.  The film moves on to Colin Tinker’s house in Flushouse Lane, Holmfirth, and a field where there is a hail storm.  Cattle wander along a country road, before moving on again to show very deep snow around some houses being cleared by a bulldozer.

Then the film switches to workers in a factory warehouse, Meltham Brickworks, where bricks piled onto pallets, before returning to the scenes of snow, where a car has been trapped in a snow drift.  Two milkmen deliver while a strong wind blows the snow over them.  The film switches to the wedding of Daphne at a church, with guests throwing confetti over the newlyweds.  They are then seen again at the reception, along with a very small child.

The film switches again to a house by the sea, surrounded by some rubble.  Then back to a warehouse with large blocks of cut stone, including arches being prepared for Pilkington Glass at St Helens in 1983/4.  Then two men are sawing a very large tree trunk, felling trees in the church grounds at Helme, a village near Meltham (see background notes).  There is more film of the site around the house.

The End