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YFA 5121



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This is film of repairs being made to Holmbridge Church, Hall Sunday School Whitsuntide Parade, a bonfire and fireworks at Colin Tinker’s house, work at Meltham Silica Firebrick Company, and of the Tinker family, including a daytrip to Blackpool.

The film begins with a red lorry driving down Hinchliffe Road, with the sign ‘British Road Services’.  A man looking under the bonnet of his Morris Minor is joined by another man, Doughy Johnson, and a red routemaster bus passes, a Number 47 for Holmfirth, followed by a couple in a classic sports car.  Film is taken from up on the scaffolding around Holmbridge Church, looking down onto the grave yard, road and surrounding hills and buildings.  A bus stops opposite and people get on.  The church tower clock is shown in close up.  A workman clears away cement to the wall of the church.   A woman walks along a country road to a house with a small girl.

Then a banner appears on a road for ‘Hall Sunday School’, followed by a marching brass band, children and parents, at Whitsuntide.  Cattle, belonging to Harold Ellis, run across a field, high above a large factory, as the band passes.  A large crowd of people have gathered in a street as the parade marches by.  The film switches to show some children near a house where building work is being carried out, and then the filming is from a moving vehicle before showing a cross country race.   A man and a boy go to an event with a motorcycle display team, and sheep dog trials at Harden Moss, near Holmfirth (started by Colin’s father, Alfred Tinker, and Haig Howard in 1910).

The film switches again to a bonfire and fireworks at Colin Tinker’s house.  There is then a sunset followed by a snow covered landscape.  Then the film movies onto Meltham Silica Firebrick works where the workers are relaxing.  A man does some welding up a ladder, and workers are by a machine that delivers small balls, possibly of silicon, into a bag.  The floor of the warehouse is covered in moulded pieces of brick, including a ‘springer’, destined for Pilkington Glass at St Helen’s.  These are shown having their timber mouldings removed.  A circular brick roof is hammered into place at the Meltham factory, looking down onto David Brown tractor factory next to another large factory and Meltham Railway Station and yard.  Two workmen walk by a building site, and work is being done on a road where a trench has been dug.  Two small boys and other children play near r a farm, and there is a family group posing for the camera.

Cars drive through a village, where the family buy some food from a grocery shop.  The drive back is filmed from the front of the car.  A boy holds up a dead rabbit and a shotgun.  He then has a go riding a horse, accompanied by two other boys.

The film switches to a baby asleep, Colin’s youngest daughter Daphne, and then sitting up in a chair.  Daphne plays with a doll, and is then crawling on the floor.

The family are then on the beach at Blackpool.  Daphne, now a few years older, plays on a home-made ‘jigger’ and dances for the camera.  The film switches to a house in construction in Litchfield, before being on a boat tour along the docks at Southampton, passing some large ships, including the Queen Mary before its last trip, and the Good Hope Castle.  In the background is the Husbands Shipyard.  The children run about on the wooden seafront as the film comes to an end.