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YFA 3122



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This film contains footage of the Fear family including Betty's sister Eunice and her husband Leslie Fear. It follows the events from when their son, Timothy was one, up until the birth of their second son in 1954. The Ramsdens were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-Just Timothy 1946

Eunice and Leslie Fear walk Timothy along the grass; he tries to stand on his own but falls down.

Timothy plays with a drum in the garden with his mother and crawls off the blanket and over to Betty who is lying on the grass.

Title-T.J. steps out! June 1946

Timothy walks around the garden with the help of his mother and then Cyril gives him a wallet to hold.

Title-Sand Pies in September 1946

Eunice, Cyril and Betty help Timothy to make sandcastles in the garden.

Title-Santa Clause Jnr. Christmas Day 1946

Timothy wears an all-in-one red suit and is put into a push chair.

Title-That uncertain feeling! February 1947

Timothy and his father are wrapped up warmly and they are outside in the snow with some other people. He finds it hard to stay upright in the deep snow.

Title-May is out! June 1947

Eunice and Timothy sit outside in a deckchair and then he plays with a tea tray. The next shot is of Timothy playing in the garden with bottles and pots of water. He chases his mother around the garden with a pot of water.

Title-Pride Goeth

Seated on a tricycle, Timothy goes up the front path and around the garden.

Title-Hampsthwaite Easter 1949

Betty, Eunice, Leslie and others are in a garden; Timothy is swinging in a swing. Eunice and some of the children play cricket in a field in which there are chickens. Timothy tries to catch chickens and then sits down among them.

Title-What a Beauty! Brid 1951

Timothy is on a crowded beach eating an ice cream. He has a black eye, and he stands smiling at the camera. He wanders around the beach, sits on a wooden post near the sea, and paddles in the small waves.

Title-One Wheel Less 1953

Timothy comes out of his front door and over to his two-wheeled bicycle. He proceeds to pump up the tyres and then goes for a cycle out of the gate and down the road. There are shots of him cycling all over the estate.

Title-Timothy takes Auntie B to the model railway at Tingley.

Adults and children all climb onto the small, model train and it goes along the track. Betty and Timothy sit near the end of the train.

Title-`Baby' Fear the second taken at 174 on the 10th of January 1954.

Leslie holds the baby and poses for the camera, and in the next shots, he carries the baby outside and puts him in the pram.

The Fear family and others leave a church, probably after a christening. The family and friends all head back to the house where they all pay lots of attention to the baby. Timothy comes over and sits beside his brother.

All of the guests sit around and have food, and there are shots of Leslie changing a nappy and then bouncing the baby on his knee.

Title-Old Peg- leg March 1955

Timothy comes out of his house with his leg in a full cast. The ground is covered with snow, and he is wrapped up in a coat and hat. He hobbles down the road and gets onto a sled that is then pulled by two boys. He throws snow balls at them.

Title-Jonty Indoors and Out 1955.

The younger Fear boy sits on his mother's knee and smiles at the camera. In the next shot he is sitting outside in his buggy, and Leslie is sitting beside him. The boy gets out of his buggy and walks around smiling.

In the final shot Leslie pushes his younger son around in a red toy car. Timothy then gets into the car and puts his little brother on his knee.

Title-To be continued.