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This film is an amateur promotion of the varied roles for volunteers with the National Trust Yorkshire, filmed by volunteers John Alcock, Peter Dobing, George Theaker. Includes footage of musicians rehearsing for a performance, wood conservation, Malham Tarn Nature Reserve, restoration and preservation at the Treasurers House in York, the landscape at Roseberry Topping and Rievaulx Abbey in the North Yorkshire. 

Title: The National Trust Yorkshire

An orchestral conductor makes his way to the podium to conduct a group of musicians rehearsing for a performance at a National Trust property. A close up shows a keyboard player holding down a note on his keyboard. A pianist begins to play, then a flute.

Title: Time To Spare

The whole ensemble of keyboards, flute and clarinet begins to play.

The commentary describes the role of the volunteer at National Trust properties.

Travelling shot from a car as Graham Sample drives along a moorland road. He will be surveying woodland at Malham Tarn. He drives past a junction, and a close up view of a road sign mounted on stone which reads 'Malham'.

Graham Sample examines a group of trees overlooking Malham Tarn. He measures the girth of one of the trees.

A roadside view shows traffic and walkers going over a stone bridge. In the distance, a large stone building houses the Malham Cafe.

A car turns right at a junction to go down a narrow road. A National Trust sign reads, 'Malham Tarn Nature Reserve'. The driver of the car, Joan Johnson, is then seen typing at an office desk in a National Trust office. Graham Sample appears at the doorway with a draft of his woodland report, which he wants Joan to type up.

A man speaks to camera outside Ormesby Hall about the value of volunteer support for the National Trust.

Inside the hall, volunteers help remove dust covers from furniture to prepare for the new visitor season. Two volunteers are shown how to apply wax furniture polish to old furniture.

Another woman creates flower arrangements at Beningborough Hall, while another repairs to fragile curtains.

A volunteer outside in the streets of York distributes information leaflets to a hotel.

A man works on a flower bed at the Treasurer's House in York. Another male volunteer asks visitors questions in order to complete a survey. He asks one visitor  how far he has travelled to visit the Treasurer's House, and also, had he visited any other National Trust properties.

A group of visitors study a candelabra on a highly decorated table in a very opulently decorated room. The guide explains the features and history of the items. She speaks to camera about why she enjoys her work for the National Trust.

The film moves to work outside where a group of volunteers, members of the West Yorkshire National Trust Group, are clearing vegetation. Tom Rawling, the National Trust warden, gives instruction in using a scythe to clear excess bracken at Brimham Rocks. General views show the volunteers at work amongst the bracken. One of the volunteers explains in voice-over the benefits he experiences as a volunteer. Tom sharpens one of the sycthes

Tables are set up outside for registration for a treasure hunt. A close-up of the notice outlines ticket availability and the times when the treasure hunt will take place. The treasure hunt is designed for younger visitors. The younger volunteers take in completed treasure hunt forms.

Some other visitors play croquet on a lawn. A man blows a whistle, and asks for any more entrants in a wheelbarrow race. The race starts as the contestants race towards the camera.

A volunteer uses a wheelbarrow to load freshly cut turf onto the back of a lorry. The volunteers in this case are a group of pupils from Wetherby High School, helping out at the gardens of Studley Royal. The cut turf is put it into a wheelbarrow. A close-up view shows a first aid box nearby. Volunteer photographer John Beaver records the volunteers at work.

Some volunteers work alone. Hugh Calwell is the first volunteer warden at Roseberry Topping. He picks up some litter near a gateway on an access path. On camera he explains his role as a volunteer warden.

A general view shows some of the farm fields near Roseberry Topping in Cleveland, but as the camera pulls back the full scale of Roseberry Topping in the landscape is revealed.

The film then cuts to Fountains Abbey, where local clergy volunteer to outline the historical significance of the abbey for the benefit of visitors. One of the volunteer guides explains his role in bringing to life the story of the abbey.

An outside servce in the ruins of the abbey follows with Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster, present along with other religious leaders.

Another member of the volunteer clergy talks to camera about his experiences as a guide at the abbey. General views of the abbey follow.

The man from Ormesby Hall speaks to camera and says. 'and now for something completelly different'. The camera pans right showing a group of workers working on a stone built building. They are removing stones from a perimeter wall.

Next, a woman enters an old mansion and talks to a gentleman in front of a large kitchen range about the nature of volunteering and what it entails. The man is also a volunteer and he advises the woman about the commitment he makes as a volunteer. The film's guide talks to the man in the clip about the lectures and courses he organises to volunteers as part of their training at Beningborough Hall. On film a man talks to a group of volunteers about lecturing. A general view shows the external facade of Beningborough Hall.

The furniture at a National Trust property are covered once more in preparation for its winter 'hibernation', before opening for visitors again in the new season.

A woman catalogues some old books, two other women dust a highly detailed model of a stately home interior, part of  the Carlisle colection of miniature rooms, including miniature furniture.

A brief view of the exterior of a stately home fades to drawings of volunteers performing different tasks.

Title: Whatever your talent the NT can use your Time To Spare

Credit: Films made by volunteers John Alcock, Peter Dobing George Theaker

Credit: Music composed by Ian Taylor

Credit: Produced by Tiffany Hunt,  Richard Baldwin Copyright 1987