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YFA 2669



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This is a Doncaster Cine Club film that documents a day of a Gliding Club, possibly on the outskirts of Doncaster, and an Agricultural Show at Newark.

The film opens with a view of a grassy field that has many different gliders ready to take off. Various gliders taxi down the runway and are lifted into the air by an aircraft with a propeller. Enthusiastic crowds have gathered, and another glider takes off. More gliders arrive, including one that is assembled in the field by several people; the body is removed from the trailer, with the wings and tail fins then connected to the body. A man then enters the cockpit before two men place a glass windshield over him. People look to the sky to try to catch a glimpse of the planes flying over heard.

After this sequence, there are shots of gliders beginning to land, and the next sequence captures views from inside a glider as it takes flight. From the cockpit, the filmmaker captures the take-off, followed by sprawling views of the surrounding countryside, and of the plane that flies ahead. This section of the film closes with views of the field; people are still watching the gliders, while others drive away.

The second part of the film is a chronicle of the Newark Show that has many show jumping scenes. The sequence opens with view of several signs that read 'Household cavalry Musical ride'. The filmmaker then captures the riders in traditional garments and feathered helmets, who move their horses in position in preparation for the show.

The cavalry then enter the ground, where the show takes place, and perform various impressive synchronised manoeuvres in different formations. The filmmaker captures the event from stands, using several different angles to comprehensively document the show.

Next, a competition is underway that involves keeping a horse calm under pressure. People try to distract the horses using loud sounds, such as a motorcycle revving, and visual stimulus, such as waving a flag in front of the horse.

After this event, a show jumping sequence is captured, where the horses vault fences of various heights. The final passage shows more of the cavalry parading around the ground, before they leave and the filmmaker captures shots of the crowd.

Title - The end.