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YFA 2496



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This is a documentary film produced by the film unit of the Television Service of the University of Leeds to promote the University. The film is mainly the same as another entitled 'Time to Do' (2485), but with an added section specifically on the science departments; covering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biology and Zoology.

The film begins filming a classic sports car driving along the M1 and turning off for Leeds.

Title - Time to do . . . A degree at Leeds?

As the commentary relates the history of the University - starting as the Yorkshire College of Science in 1874 - the film shows some of the buildings in the campus, such as the Lecture Theatre block which opened in 1970. There are excerpts from a physics lecture, a life model fine arts class and a French tutorial. It then moves to the Textiles Dept., where students are making patterned material. A large concrete beam for motorway building is being tested. It then briefly returns to the physics lecture before moving to the countryside to the cosmic rays research station, Haverah Park, on the moors near Harrogate, as the commentary explains the different areas of physics that are taught. This research is explained by a lecturer before moving on to another research programme, the study of polymers using a laser beam. Students are being helped perform experiments in a large laboratory. One student explains the experiment he is engaged in. Other students are shown doing workshop training. Then a physics student gets up in front of a tutorial to provide an answer to a question that they have all been set. Two students have individual tutorials with their personal tutors.

The film then moves to Mechanical Engineering, where a lecturer explains the work they are doing for the Canadian Government. This is followed by pure and applied biology where a lecturer explains experiments to test water pollution at Robin Hood's Bay. Then students are shown at work doing an experiment in the Zoology Dept.. Specialties are shown, including work on parasites and on gulls. There is film of a student doing a field trip abroad.

The film switches to show the eating facilities, in common rooms and refectories, with students relaxing in the sun. Next the student notice board is shown, before showing athletics, rugby, basketball, trampolining and other sports. There is a staff student committee meeting in progress, where the problem of student attendance at lectures is discussed.

The film moves to the city centre where a brass band plays. Some of the facilities that the city has to offer are mentioned and shown. A student from the University is interviewed by BBC Radio Leeds about a children's playgroup that he helps to run in Armley on Saturday mornings. The children are shown playing in the streets and on an adventure playground. Then back to the Student's Union where students are making enquiries at the Travel Office. This is followed by a group of students emerging out of a mountain hunt in the Lakes, owned by the University, where students go for a hike. Next students go rock climbing at Malham Cove.

There is then a Union Council Meeting, discussing student accommodation. Two students in digs talk about the advantages and disadvantages of digs compared with other types of accommodation. Then a group of students are shown having breakfast in a University owned flat. A student talks about the halls, coming out of Boddington Hall, where students sit down to eat in the refectory, listing the facilities the halls have to offer. Two female students are interviewed having tea and toast in their private rented flat.

The Wednesday Walk heads out to Wharfedale in a lorry. Then the canoe club are shown in practice. Professor Barry Commoner gives a lecture for the Society for Responsibility in Science. There is next an editorial meeting of 'The Student'. The film ends with a montage of film showing students in various settings studying; Graduation Day, the students bar with a band playing, the Student's Ball, and one of the female students interviewed earlier in her flat singing in a bar accompanied by a man on guitar,

Produced by the film unit of the Television Service of the University of Leeds, 1971