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YFA 219



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This film contains footage from a May Day event that was held in Tickhill, near Doncaster. There is footage of the May Queen procession and the many games and sports in which the local children take part.

The film opens with a shot of a lake taken from one side looking across to a village on the other side; a man with a camera walks up to some Scouts who are looking at swans in the water. Following this are more shots of buildings from around the village including a big Tudor-style house on the edge of the road.

In the next scene a procession of children, led by a young girl in a white dress, walk down the main street. The girls all wear dresses and hats and carry arches of flowers for the May Queen to walk under. Then some of the girls start dancing for the large crowd that have gathered in the street to watch. Then there are shots of some girls dancing around a May pole. Again there is a huge crowd of children and local gathered around to watch.

In another field some boys and girls do the three legged race, jump hurdles and take part in agility races along wooden poles raised off the ground. In another game the children have to throw small balls into buckets that are high up on sticks, take a bite out of an apple that is hanging on a string and do the high jump. The camera pans to show the rest of the children cheering for the competitors.

The next race is a skipping race for the girls who speed down the track towards the camera; one of the girls falls down. Following this is another dance around the May pole in a field with a wooden fence around it. Then there are shots of a large group of boys and girls dancing in this field; they dance in twos and in formation with the other couples.

In another field a crowd of men and women watch as cyclists race around the grass track and following this are several long distance and sprinting races.

Following this is a sequence of shots which depict all of the games that the boys take part in. A group of young men gather at one side of the field and get ready for the sack race, then there is a game where the young men stand on wooden boxes and blow up balloons, another one is where they have to carry many eggs in their arms and then another assault courses. All this time the field is surrounded by a large crowd of spectators.

The last scene takes place in another field where young adults are on their ponies riding around and over jumps. Then a huntsman and his hounds run around the field.