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YFA 2788



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The famous Crab hole is located on the Filey side of the Brigg this venue is often thought of as the best fishing mark upon Filey Brigg. The following film documents a day of fishing for crabs and transport back to George Bayes Fish Merchants in Filey, 1974.

The film opens with fishermen gathered near a boat where they are unloading crabs into the back of a truck. Following this are scenes of the ocean taken from the beach. A coble named Summer Rose is pulled to the beach by a tractor, and further up the beach, the fishermen unload their catch into the back of a white van. The crabs are then transported and unloaded from the van. After inspection, the crabs are packaged into white containers. They are then cleaned with jet sprays at George Bayes Fish Merchants. There is footage of the men cleaning and boiling the crabs. The crabs are then put on display in wooden boxes. The film closes with views of a coble on rough seas.