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YFA 1436



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This is a documentary type film with a commentary providing a history of the village of Thornton.

Title - Thornton
By G Walker

As the film shows the village of Thornton and surrounding countryside, the commentary describes its geography and history. It moves on to Thornton Hall, showing the sundial, Tetley Hall and Eaton Manor. The commentary recounts their history, noting that the archway at Thornton Manor was built 1589. Other nearby historic buildings, water wells and troughs are shown. The commentary also tells of local cloth making and nonconformity, explaining the connection between Kipping Congregational Chapel, built 1769, and Judge Jeffries. There are houses built from the 1750s and from around 1800. There is also the house where the Brontes were born.

Outside the village there are stone quarries which were used to produce flag stone, made by hand. At Thornton Heights there are the Walls of Jericho, made to contain waste quarry. Also shown are old textile mills, usually for making shawls, the viaduct and a photo of the old railway station, now a school. The commentary gives some history of the Grammar school, and of how in 1849 vandals caused shops to close early. One local chapel was sold to become a brewery in 1845 whilst the Wesleyan chapel also put to commercial use. The mills too have now either gone or been converted into apartments. The film finishes showing abandoned stone quarries.

Title - Thornton
The End