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YFA 4160



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This film is a road safety film and shows young boys and girls being taught the rules of the road.

This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection which spans the period from 1920 until 2009. The collection includes films with many different topics including industrial documentaries, local events, educational and amateur titles and some of the Wood family home movies. The majority of the films were made by Harold Wood and his son David Wood who were both involved in the running of the film and photography company C.H. Wood.

This first section of the film is in black and white.

The film opens with a group of primary school children exiting a school with a teacher and lining up in the yard. A female police officer has set up a model zebra crossing in the yard and she gets four children to practice walking across the `road'.

The police officer is stands beside a board with a series of pictures; she points to them and turns them over. She then goes over to the group of children, takes a furry toy mascot out of a box, and gives it to the children to look at.

Five children walk down a road and stop at a zebra crossing. They look right and left before carefully crossing the road.

This last section of the film is in colour and is an offcut of another film. A man is sitting in an office working. He looks at the camera and smiles. The final shot is of two younger men in the same office and they too smile and make faces at the camera. (This is possibly footage of filmmakers from the CH Wood Productions.)