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YFA 2326



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This film captures a day out that involves workers from the Newton Chambers and Co. factory based near Sheffield. The excursion includes trips to many to popular Yorkshire places both coastal and inland. There are also trips further afield to Dorset in southwest England.

Rag Week Parade in Sheffield, and the film opens with a shot of a girl dressed in a barrel costume collecting change from a large crowd which has gathered on the pavement. The filmmaker then captures the parade including people in fancy dress such as footballers with comically oversized heads, a sherbet man, and a two man zebra. There are then a large convoy of floats sporting banners such as, 'Alice in Wonderland'. The final shot in this sequence has clear shots of Morris Dancers moving down the street.

The next sequence shows long shots of Bolton Abbey and the surrounding countryside, such as the stepping stones at the nearby river. Cutting away from the landscapes, the filmmaker captures Polar bears, vultures, cranes, pelicans, brown bears, seals and a porcupine in different zoo enclosures. The action then switches to Longleat estate, where there are several lingering shots showing close up detail of the estates opulent engravings and design.

In the next sequence, locals ski and sled down a snow covered hill, before the sun sets behind a mountain off in the distance. Now in Ramsgate, several views show a street populated by cars distinctly of the period and some medieval style architecture. A close up of a commemorative stone that was placed to mark the beginning of English history. There are then several shots that show a full scale model Viking longboat, which is place on the shore line.

The next sequence shows a royal parade, and from a raised vantage point the filmmaker is able to get clear views of Princess Anne (?) meeting some local dignitaries.

Title - Flamborough.

A fishing boat edges round the Flamborough coast taking in the cliffs and caves. The fisherman on-board pull up lobster nets and extract their catch which includes crabs and lobsters. The final shot shows a panorama of the Flamborough area. Now in Robin Hood's Bay, shots show people on the beach looking for shells and some seems in the village itself. Whitby is the next destination, and Whitby abbey is captured from a distance by the filmmaker from several different angles. This followed by views of the bay and all the fishing boats moored up. The final segment in this sequence shows a variety of expansive views of different oblique landscapes, and a waterfall.

Title - Tropical fish - Bred in Sheffield.

This passage has close ups showing tropical fish at Sheffield, they are bright orange and white as well as some small turtles swimming in another tank.

Title - Sheffield festival week, 1951.

Sheffield Festival Week Celebrations in 1951 is shown; there are many shots of outdoor circus style acts such as gymnastics and a set of long shots of dogs performing in fancy dress.

Moving away from the north of England, there is a view of the Osmington White Horse - a hill figure of a man riding on horseback -which is carved into a hill in Dorset. The next shots show a village with thatched cottages and several churches. Following this, there is a segment which shows swans that inhabit a lake area. The final short passage shows panoramic views of Lulworth Cove, Dorset, and includes some shots of Dorchester.

Title - Blackpool by night.

The film closes with many nice shots of the Blackpool Illuminations at night.