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YFA 2327



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This film documents a day out that involves workers from the Newton Chambers and Co. factory based near Sheffield. The film includes footage of the Lake District, boating in Knaresborough, and Morris Dancing in Sheffield.

Title - The end.

This orange tinged film opens with some shots in a flower show, the camera concentrating on almost still like shots of the blooms. There are also close ups of fruit and vegetables that have been arranged in tower displays.

The next passage is of the Lake District and has long shots of a sunset and the lakes and boats in the harbour. Following on is the sea at Blackpool, long shots of a storm with the sea crashing against the boardwalk are shown.

There is boating in Knaresborough, and the film taken here that gives good views of the famous area. This is followed by scenes of Morris Dancing in Sheffield. There clear views of ice skating scenes. The film finishes with a man instructing sheep dog trails.