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YFA 2782



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Made by members of the Humberside Police Force, this narrative fiction film about road safety employs sophisticated camerawork, linear editing, and voice over to highlight the dangers of the busy streets.

Title-Cast: Maureen- M. McDonald, Tony-K. Raper, David-D. Clark and baby Tomlinson

Title-Story and Production-Insp. T. Middleyard

Title-Photography, Recording and Editing-Det. Sgt Jacketts

Title-Commentary- B.B. Bell

The film opens with a shot of a woman standing outside a jewellery shop; she is looking in the window at the rings. The voice over says that it is a special day for Maureen as she and her fiance Tom are buying engagement rings. Tom comes along the road on a motorbike and parks at the side; they both walk up to the window and look at the rings. There is a shot of Tom's motor bike which had `L' plates and which he has parked in a no parking area.

Back in the jewellery shop the couple walk up to the counter and ask the assistant if the can look at rings. The assistant brings them out for Maureen to try on, she chooses one and they leave the shop.

Straight after this, Tom has to take his motorbike riding test in order to get a full licence. He drives along a road and carries out a series of signals while the instructor is watching. He passes the test, removes his `L' pates, Maureen gets onto the back of the motorbike without a helmet and Tom drives off.

In the next shot the couple pay a visit to Maureen's home to show her parents her engagement ring; they hug Maureen and shake Tom's hand.

The next scene is some time later and Maureen is sitting in a deck chair in the garden; she hears Tom's motorbike and runs around to the front of the house. She climbs onto the back of his bike, again without a helmet, and they both ride off.

A good tracking shot follows them as they ride out into the countryside. Tom pays no attention to the markings in the road and overtakes on corners. The voiceover comments on the dangerous things that Tom does on the road as well as commenting on the pleasant day that the couple have.

It is Tom and Maureen's wedding day. Maureen is looking at wedding gifts and picks up a white crash helmet that somebody purchased for her. She tries it on and Maureen and her mother laugh about it. Following this are shots of Maureen being helped by her mother to get ready for her wedding.

During the wedding ceremony a choir sings and Tom and Maureen say their vows and put the rings on each other's fingers.

Sometime later, Maureen's parents walk down the garden path towards the road; Tom and Maureen head off on their honey moon in Maureen's father's car. The voice over said that Tom will no doubt drive carefully as it is not his car. One week later the couple return and walk up to their new house; Tom carries Maureen over the threshold.

In a new scene the newly married couple leave the house with Tom pushing his to go back to work and Maureen holding onto his arm. There are shots of Tom cycling to work and carrying out a series of dangerous manoeuvres. He cycles around a roundabout without indicating and when a lollipop warden walks out onto the road, he doesn't stop. He stops his bike a short distance away to think about what he did and as he starts off again he carries on more carefully.

The next scene follows Maureen as she leaves the house to carry out the important housewife tasks including shopping. She meets people along the way and gets distracted so when she walks across the road she doesn't use the zebra crossing.

Maureen and Tom have had a baby so now Maureen brings the pram with her when she goes shopping. She stops to talks to several people but this time when she goes to cross the road she uses the zebra crossing.

Seven years on and David has grown up; Tom and Maureen bring David to get a new bike. There are shots of the family going into the bike shop and talking to the assistant who picks out a suitable bike for David. Once home, Tom takes David out on the bike to teach him how to ride. The voice over then says that once David is a safer, more confident cyclist that Tom will take him out on the road with him.

In the next scene Maureen is out shopping and the voice over tells us that she has to hurry home to greet David who will be coming home for lunch. She keeps bumping into people that she knows and then rushing on. She rushes out onto the road and gets knocked down by a truck.

Tom and David walk up a path towards the hospital; a nurse greets them and sits David on a chair. She leads Tom into the Maureen's room, and he sits down beside her bed. The nurse gets Maureen's hand and puts it into Tom's hand. There is a lingering shot of Maureen with a bandage around her head. Suddenly her head slumps and she is dead. Tom puts his head in his hands and is lead out of the room by the nurse and back to David.

Back in their house the voice over says that Tom and David comfort themselves by looking at the wedding album and now they are all alone. Tom takes a bunch of daffodils out of a vase in the sitting room, wraps them in newspaper and the two of them go to Maureen's grave and lay them there.

Title-Filmed for the Kingston upon Hull Road Safety (Special) Committee