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This film documents the work of St. George's Crypt in Leeds. The crypt provides many members of the community with health and social services as well as helps to guide them in religious matters. Documented in the film are the many aspects of the work which St. George's Crypt does for those in need.

The film opens with a sign as seen from the motorway - Leeds M1 (M62). Leeds city centre is quite busy, full of pedestrians as well as heavy traffic. A homeless man can be seen walking down the streets of the city centre towards St. George's. Additionally, there are more examples of different parts of the city which include cars and fashions that very much capture the look of the time. The man approaches St. George's and rings a bell at the gate.

Title - These My Brothers
The Work of St. George's Crypt Leeds

The man is let inside, and there are a few exterior scenes of the large church. The commentary begins to explain that the Crypt was originally opened as a day rest home for the unemployed in 1930. During this commentary there are still photographs of what the Crypt was like during that period. There is also archive footage of a woman dishing out soup and handing out dinner during the Crypt's early years.

The commentary begins to explain the process one must go through when coming to St. George's. The Assistant Warden books in and fills out paperwork for each man who comes to the Crypt. Men can be seen sitting in prayer in the pews of the chapel, and some are watching television. Men who come to the Crypt are interviewed to stay for the night. They are also provided with any first aid needed. The volunteers help to get men, who may not fit into the machine of society, back on track. The Crypt does not provide full meals or full shelter in hopes to keep the men motivated. Though, one of the main events which many of the men go to is the annual Christmas Dinner on Boxing Day.

Volunteers can be seen preparing dinner, carving turkeys, and setting places at the table. The men come in and sit at the tables which are also adorn with Christmas decorations, and grace is said at the start of the meal. Dinner is handed out by the volunteers by passing it down the chain of people.
Medial services are also provided and a man can be seen getting a check up by a volunteer doctor. A team of nurses is employed, and the head nurse explains some of the ailments from which the men suffer. A man can be seen having his stitches removed from his head as well as having his feet tended to. Additionally, injections are also given in order to treat various conditions. And in the chapel, St. George's tends to the men's wider spiritual needs.
The Chaplin, Tom Townsend, is interviewed about the philosophy of the organization. Before the main service, there is a prayer group for the staff, and a larger worship service follows. Some of the men speak about their experiences in finding God, and there are more old stills from the Crypt when it first started in the 1930s.

Outside of the church, groups are set up by volunteers at their own homes. An example of such a group can be seen.

Faith Lodge was originally set up in 1956 as a hostile, and though many changes, in addition to problems with funding, the final Faith Lodge was set up and opened on Sunday, 5th September, 1976. The opening ceremony is documented, and members present include the Bishop of Ripon who his present to dedicate the building. A prayer service takes place outside before interior views of the Lodge can be seen including the lounge, kitchen, and various bedrooms. Unlike the Crypt, the Lodge is designed for longer stays.

St. George's is also responsible for Hope House which is a home for women and children. Washing can be seen hanging on the line in the back garden. Inside, there are children playing in the living room. The commentary explains that each person present at the home does their share of the work, and together, act as one big family. They can be seen sitting down for a meal together.

The Family Department is another part of the church that provides aid to the community. It is home to a used clothing store which is especially helpful during the colder months of the year. It also provides a food bank which is stocked full of tined goods as well as fruit and vegetables.

Rounding out the care of St. George's, social workers provide home visits for families in need. A social worker can be seen visiting a family who lives in a typical terrace house. Inside, the social worker has tea with the mother and children.

Funding is a major problem for the organization especially due to the growing costs and inflation, and an office staff works to send out leaflets in a fundraising effort. There is a major question of funding for the future. A final montage sequence reiterates the work of St. George's before the film closes with an exterior view of the church.

Narrator Chris Sugden
Camera Graham Carver
Gareth Bower
Sound Andrew Crow
Daniel Carver
Lighting Peter Hardcastle
Directed and Produced by Graham Carver
We wish to thank Intake High School for the loan of film equipment.