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YFA 3222



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This film is a road safety film made by an officer of the Humberside Police Force. Through a narrative story, the film teaches children they should be more aware of the roads.

The film opens with a man sitting holding a book, he turns the pages and the camera gets a close-up of the titles.

Title-There Came a Stranger, story and commentary by James Goodrick.

Title-The Stranger Geoffrey Cullington, the Boy Roger Chapman.

Title-Photography by Det. Sgt. Jacketts.

Produced by Insp. J. Middleyard by permission of the Chief Constable.

Title-Presented by the Kingston-Upon Hull Road Safety (Special) Committee.

A group of young boys play cricket on a residential street. A voice over informs the viewer that his mother should take more care in where she lets him play. As he plays cricket in the road, a car comes along and knocks him over. The boy is badly injured and taken to Hull City Hospital. The voice over continues to inform the viewer that the boy is seriously ill and may not even wake up.

An unknown man visits the boy in hospital, and in a bit of camera trickery, the boy's spirit gets up from the bed, leaving his body and follows the man out into the street. The voice over explains that the man is going to show him all the things he would have missed out on had he been more aware of the road and had not been knocked down.

They travel around Hulll, taking in views of the city centre from the top of a tall building before heading to East Park where the boy rides on the famous splash boat.  Follwing this, the take the bus to visit Bridlington beach, taking in the attractions on a very sunny day. The boy goes on many of the amusements and goes into many parks and generally has a very exciting a fun day.

Throughout the entire film the voice over talks about all there is to see and do for a young boy and how exciting it all is.
The film ends with the boy walking back to the hospital with the man and his spirit getting back into bed with his body. The man leaves the boy and walks out the door.