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YFA 5197



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This is the first film, ‘Test Film’, made by Roy Cass of Selby.  The film shows the Rank Flour Mill before it was burnt down, Cochrane’s Shipyard and the fitting out of the stern freezer trawler, the Ross Valiant on the River Ouse.

The film begins showing a notice above a shed door (number 7), warning that “No unauthorised person is allowed to touch any switches in this house.”  Then a young man, Ian, gets on a bike and rides off.  There is then a sign for marking water height, with 5 ‘Bank Top’. 

Then there is a factory next to a river, possibly Rank Flour Mill on the River Ouse, and a sugar beet factory.  Several workmen are welding roof panels, (Lew Tuck? Dallmer? Ron Blanchard?).  Then we see a Babcock-Weitz tower crane.  A workman poses for the camera (Dago?).  A man walks through the yard (Walts?). 

On the River Ouse is the ‘all freeze’ trawler, the ‘Ross valiant’, after being launched still being fitted out.  A workman is cutting off the ends of rivets and filing them down (Joe Tuck? Walts?).  Two men are shaping a timber frame (Mac and Bill?).  Other workmen include Tom Flannery.  Two workmen lean against some timber looking up the river.

The film switches back the number 7 shed door and shows in close up the section of the Factories Act dealing with Electricity.  The film shows more of Cochrane’s Shipyard and the ship deck, and the film finishes showing a large crane (Babcock’s) at the side of the river.