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YFA 5154



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This is the second part of a two part film of the Territorial Army in Beverley.  This part shows them camped in the Westwood, cooking and eating.

Part two begins with the cooks posing for the camera as they serve some of the officers.  One of the soldiers blows a bugle, and the men rush over for food.  They are each given a slice of bread as they queue holding their cutlery, having a good laugh as they look at the camera.  One of them gives his spoon a good polish to the amusement of the others.  The officers observe proceedings.  The men sit at long tables in tents to eat, some looking very young, joking amongst themselves.  A cook poses for the camera holding a large joint of meat.  An officer poses with a boy in school uniform.

Then they go off marching again in long lines.  Several of the men receive medals.  Then one of the young lads gets flung several times into the air on safety net by the men.  A group of them sit in the sun, while a couple of women make some repairs to their uniforms.  There is a brief sack race and a group of men in civilian clothing sit having drinks.  A group of the men, and a large group of women, pose for the camera, one raising a glass of beer, while another group sits on the ground holding a barrel of beer.

The End.