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NEFA 19164



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Amateur film made by Betty Cook, President of the Cleveland Cine Society and the North East Cine Society. Footage includes Remembrance Day services in Middlesbrough, the Cook family at a Territorial Army Centre firing range near Otterburn in Northumberland and a social event taking place in Hartlepool.

The film opens on a large sign for the 118 Corp Royal Engineers T.A. Regiment.

Title: Featuring

Title: 'THING'

Captain Arthur W. Cook and his son Martin walk past a number of parked military vehicles, Captain Cook wearing his army dress uniform.

The film cuts to a field and trophies being awarded to a number of Territorial Army soldiers standing to attention nearby. General views of the soldiers, one carrying a girl on his shoulders. The film changes to a phantom car ride along a country road.

Martin is lead across the deck of a ship by a man in naval uniform. The cargo ship, named the “King Malcolm”, appears to be in dry dock. There is a view of the ship from the quayside.

Mrs & Mrs Cook are in their bedroom dressed in formal wear. Martin is standing in the background in his pyjamas.

The Remembrance Day service is taking place at the Middlesbrough War Memorial outside Albert Park, on Linthorpe Road. There are various army units standing around the cenotaph. Regimental flags are lowered and wreaths of poppies are laid. The army units march away, including that of Captain Cook, followed by various civic dignitaries and army officers. Various military and other organisations march down Linthorpe Road towards Middlesbrough town centre.

A group of women are gathered cars parked near Otterburn in Northumberland. Territorial Army soldiers carry crates of beer. A military brass band is playing on some moor land. A group of soldiers and officers are standing near a firing range, one soldier with a gun slung over his shoulder. Arthur Cook sits in a tent marking a map. Martin holds an L1A1 rifle and puts his hands into a box of bullets.

Mrs Cook awards tankards to soldiers followed by the soldiers swigging beer from the bottle seen previously. A point of view looking down the sites of a rifle followed by Betty Cook and another woman standing chatting. The film cuts to a wall with a card that reads 'The End'.

Soldiers march down Linthorpe Road in a procession pas the C. McAdams Ltd store.

A number of army officers and their wives stand outside the Territorial Army Centre in Hartlepool. Various officers arrive at the centre followed by a march past of soldiers and band. A senior officer inspects the troops outside the centre speaking with one of the men. General view of the soldiers and watching civilians is followed by a chaplin giving a pray.

On a small raised platform stand a number of dignitaries and a marching band and soldiers march past. They turn and salute at those on the platform as they pass. The senior officer inspects the marching band and speaks to one of the musicians.

Inside a hall the band performs and soldiers, officers and their family enjoy a few drinks. A dining room is arranged for a formal meal and the officers, in full dress uniform, and their wives enjoy their meal. A gavel is hit and a woman makes a speech. followed by some of the officers and chaplin. The film ends with everyone chatting informally and kissing.

Title: The end