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This film was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Myers Grove Comprehensive School in Sheffield.  At that time, the school was home to 1800 pupils, and this film highlights the different lessons and activities in which they are involved including a student fashion show.   

Credits:  Commentary J. Hillman; art B. P. Hippsley; music B. Sampson and School Band; photography A. G. Leafe; sound J Elliot, P Webster and J Hillman. 

The film starts with an exterior view of the school and its grounds from various vantage points.  The commentary explains its location.  Some of the 1800 pupils arrive in the morning, some by foot and the others by bus.  They continue on through the school corridors making their way to their lessons.   

A mixed brass and woodwind school band practices in a classroom before teachers and pupils leave assembly.  In a chemistry class, pupils heat test tubes over Bunsen burners.  The film also takes a closer look at an art class and students reading in the library.  A bell rings, and girls walk down the corridor, self consciously aware of the camera.  They go into the dining hall where they have their school dinners of salad. 

In the sixth form common room, the pupils study on their own.  They are working in the upper school library which has individual study booths.  In the language laboratory, the teacher operates a console while the pupils listen to French phrases through headphones.  Then into a commerce class where girls are learning to type, before going onto woodwork and metalwork classes where boys are at work.  This is followed by a housecraft class.  In the cookery class, girls are making pastry and cakes.  Lastly in a needlework class girls are making dresses using sewing machines. 

Outside, the girls put on a fashion show of clothes they have designed and made themselves.  At first they all stand still posing for the camera.  Then they display their clothing by walking down some steps.  

The season has changed to winter, and there is snow on the ground.  The students are outside on the school fields watching a game called “The Grove Game” which is played each year on Shrove Tuesday by the pupils.  The game consists of four teams of boys on a rugby ground.  There are 25 players per team who play the game which resembles a chaotic game of rugby.  There are also matches between staff and pupils, rugby for the men and hockey for the women. 

At the summer fair, the narrator lists the many activities going on including penny rolling, golf, crockery smashing and swing boats.  Some of the games are shown, including a coconut shy, and children are playing on two-seater swing boats.  The commentator notes that the event has attracted 8,000 people and raised £700 which will be spent on equipment for the school. 

In May 1970, there is a dinner to celebrate 10 years since the school opened. The guests can be seen arriving, including Roy Hattersley, who is shown around some exhibits.