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This is an amateur documentary made by Jack Eley while on a trip of historical sites around the Mediterranean on the way to, and finishing up at, Athens. An audio commentary by Eley explains the history of the places visited.

Titles: 'A Temple For Athena' 'Produced by John Eley'

The film opens with a map of Europe, highlighting the region around Athens. The commentary provides an historical overview of the region and its cultural importance going back 2,500 years. It begins with a view of the Rock of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean, taken from a boat going around the Island. Spanish traders on rowing boats are shown crowded at an island port. British soldiers garrisoned on the island are playing basketball, followed by some single horse drawn carriages. The film then returns to the map to highlight Montserrat in Spain, which is shown from a distance. Here the film shows the Benedictine Monk retreat and Monastery. The Monastery and square, as well as the spectacular surrounding landscape, can be seen from the funicular cable car as it ascends the mountain.

Next the map moves to show the north Mediterranean coast of Italy, highlighting a seaside town. People are by the sea and on boats along the rocky coast. Some people pull a boat onto the shore and there is a brief look at an orthopaedic hospital. People are swimming on the beach at Genoa where there are ships in the port. The film shows the buildings and open spaces of the city, bustling with people. A line of Lambrettas and Vespas are parked along a street, and motor scooters are pulling various carts. Then the map highlights Malta, and a naval boat is shown docking there. From on board a gondola type boat the film shows naval ships and the town of Valletta. There are a number of smaller boats with naval personnel on. Soldiers do a drill outside the British Governor's residence. A Maltese woman demonstrates lace making whilst three small girls look on. Some of the landscape is shown and tropical parks, with flowers and butterflies.

Back to the map where Carthage is highlighted in North Africa. Tourists walk around the ruins, including the Roman amphitheatre where there is a collection of ancient water vessels. Many local people are shown, including women fetching water and people begging. Some of the children pose and play to the camera.

The map next shows Cyprus. The film then shows the ruins around Salamis, including the gymnasium and baths. It then goes on to the ancient architecture at Famagusta, where some local children pose for the camera. The fortifications on the bay are shown and then a goat herd followed by workers in the vine yards showing off their grapes. Then a grain threshing sledge is seen being pulled by oxen, and they then separate out the chaff from the grain. The farmer and his wife pose for the camera. A blindfolded mule pulls a water wheel, and then mud bricks are made. The film then shows where the bronze statue of the Colossus of Rhodes used to stand on the coast of Cyprus, the fortifications of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, some old windmills, Kolossi Castle and the old inns of the Streets of the Knights with their emblems embedded in the walls.

The map next shows Athens, and the film shows boats along the Athenian shore. The Royal Palace is guarded by soldiers wearing ancient uniform. This is followed by scenes of the Acropolis, from where the old town is seen, including the Chapel of St George and Mount Lycabettus. Then the film shows the Areopagus, or 'Mars Hill', the Kallimarmaro stadium and the double headed statue of Hermes. This is followed by other ancient sites, like the Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Vulcan, the Agora and the Acropolis, the Porch of the Maidens and finishes with the Parthenon, where the film ends.

Notes found in film can on A Temple For Athena by J. S. Eley, 64 Sandhill Oval, Alwoodley, Leeds as follows:
FILM START MARK is hole punched in film just before title. Place this mark at top sprocket of projector.
TAPE START MARK is white patch, place this on edge of take up spool.
Tape recorded on Grundig TK819 at 7.5" per sec with film governed at 16 fps. Suggest project on 613 or similar and ajdust sync where necessary. It is obvious from commentary when sync has been lost.

Music is a little loud in places compared with speech and may need volume adjustment. "