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NEFA 12599



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This amateur home movie documents travel in different areas of Iran with scenes of the people and landscape.

A family sit at a table eating lunch. They gather outside a house and the man laughingly pretends to take a photograph of the film maker.

The film cuts to a street scene, with a stall at the end of a market visible. A woman in a hijab walks past camera with her child.

There is an exterior shot of a mosaic covered building fa├žade. The camera then pans down to show the market stalls. There is a general view of a street scene. Two women with a child in western dress stand in front of a market stall. A street vendor stands in the street and holds up rugs for sale. General view of the building with mosaics.

An Iranian family stand by the landscaped pool of Golestan Palace. A western woman and local man in a suit pose by the pool. Various shots follow of Iranian people who are strolling in the grounds of the palace.

this sequence documents the intricate mosaic designs on the exterior of a mosque, Iranian men sitting in the shade of a mosque courtyard, and general views of domes and a minaret of a mosque.

Next, the previous couple are looking at a ruin. General views of the ruin on a mountain.

People pick fruit from roadside trees. Three men and a blonde haired woman are in the foreground. A man is sitting on barrels on a cart in the background. An Iranian man walks past holding fruit in both his hands. Next, there is a focus on an Iranian woman who covers her face as she passes.

There is a general view of a river and animals in the marshland, mountains in the background. An Iranian man carries a sack on his shoulder.

Overhead view of a picturesque mountain pass and ribbon road in a barren mountain landscape, with further shots of mountain streams and ravines. There is a closer shot of a mountain house. A woman begins to step out of the doorway of the house, and steps back in again as she notices the camera. Another woman in a hijab crouches by the door beside a boiling pot on a fire. The Western woman previously seen speaks to an Iranian man in western dress outside the house. He speaks to the two women. Portrait shot of the group. General view of other houses in the village.

The next sequence is of fishermen unloading nets from their boats, with large fish freshly caught. A Western woman and several Iranian men look on. Two fishermen carry away the fish on a wooden handled wooden vessel. Close-up of a very large fish. Fish are hoisted up on a wooden structure.

Overhead view of a sparsely vegetated mountain-side with a settlement. A bus travels through the mountainous terrain. A small settlement is located beside a stream on stepped fields, followed by a general view of the stepped fields for irrigation.

A group of horses with panniers, some ridden by men, pass by. A woman leads a pack-horse. There is a travelling shot of a group of Iranian women with white headscarves.

Shots of camels and a nomadic encampment in the desert. Closing landscape shot of sand dunes.