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NEFA 19157



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An amateur film by Betty Cook that records the County Borough of Teesside Inauguration procession in Middlesbrough on the 1st April 1968. The film shows the carnival atmosphere with floats and fancy dress competitions.

The film begins with a procession of floats travelling north along Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough. One of the first large floats to go by is sponsored by the BSS group (British Steam Specialists). A hoarding on the side of the float declares: 'Since 1899 BSS equipped engines like this [referring to a traction engine it is carrying]. But in 1968 we concentrate on The Chemical Industry, Nuclear Power Stations, Supertankers etc.' other lorries and floats follow on.

Other floats representing local firms include a 'VG Store' float and a van advertising 'Wonderloaf'. Two large white shire horses pull a wagon and behind them a pony pulls a two wheeled Rington's delivery van.

Young people on horseback pass by followed by a young girl identified as the filmmaker's daughter Adrianne.

A group of young people on decorated bicycles stand waiting in the middle of the road. One of the brightly coloured bikes displays a banner across the frame which reads 'Teesside Boro' Today'.

A pony with rider poses for the camera. Around the pony's neck is a notice which reads ' A Well 'Bread' Pony' attached to the notice is a white bread bun. In the background the premises of Middlesbrough plumbing firm of Emanuel Spence. Next to the well 'bread' pony a dark character in a devil costume sits astride a black pony.

Also in the procession, The Billingham Silvertones Juvenile Jazz Band marches past followed by a procession of children in fancy dress. The variety of costumes include cowboys, a chimney sweep and a character from the children's TV programme, Thunderbirds. Some of the children are holding a banner that reads “The Christening of Tees-side”.

A change of location further out in the suburbs, with footage taken at the junction of Acklam Road, Green Lane and Croft Avenue. Police on motorbikes ride from Green Lane over Acklam Road and head west along Croft Avenue saluting as they ride past the camera. The army follow in a Land Rover and scout car. Other floats go by including those seen in the town centre such as the 'VG Food' store float followed by a float advertising the local bakery chain Meredith's. The film ends with the convoy heading west along Croft Avenue.