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NEFA 20169



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An amateur film made by Edward Roberts, a Durham County Inspector of Schools and pitman's son, recording the river Tees from its rural source through to industrial areas on the banks of the river around Middlesbrough, and the estuary as it flows into the North Sea.

Title: Durham County Education Committee.

Title: Teesdale & the Tees.

Credit: Filmed and produced by E. Roberts, County Inspector of Schools.

Title: From its source in the hills The Tees flows over hills to the three leaps of Cauldron Snout.

The film opens on the moors of the North Pennine with the river Tees flowing gently in the distance. Three young boys climb the rocky edges of Cauldron Snout waterfall.

Title: After receiving the water of Maize Beck it moves on to the majestic splendour of High Force.

The Tees flows gently downstream through a valley before reaching High Force waterfall which is shown from above and below.

Title: Then over Salmon Falls and under Winch Bridge.

The river now moving faster continues downstream through countryside and under a metal footbridge.

Title: To a widening valley at Middleton-in-Teesdale and pastoral countryside.

From a country road the river flows through a valley surrounded by farm fields and hedgerows. A road sign in Middleton-in-Teesdale points in the direction of Stanhope followed by traffic and pedestrians move past a cast iron drinking fountain. More traffic drives past the Middleton-in-Teesdale Methodist Church followed by a stone road bridge over the river.

Title: It pursues a winding course past Romaldkirk with its 12th century church.

There are various views of the exterior of St Romald’s Church followed by another stone road bridge crossing the Tees. The river continues to flow through the countryside of Teesdale.

Title: To tree lined banks of Barnard Castle where Deepdale Beech flows in.

Large trees overhand the river and the ruin of Barnard Castle can be seen in the distance. There are several more views of the ruined castle as seen from The Sills looking toward Bridgegate.

Title: Then past Egglestone Abbey through a narrow tree-lined gorge.

A man fly-fishes on the shore of the river. General views of a group of people walk through the ruins of Egglestone Abbey followed by more shots around of the abbey.

Title: To the meeting of the waters of the Greta.

A woman, Julie Edwards, daughter of filmmaker walks on the rocky outcrops along the side of the river.

Title: Past Whorlton and Winston o’er a rock-stewn bed.

A small boy sits on a grassy river bank, in the background two young girls pick flowers. The three children walk down the bank, the girls holding bouquets of Violets. An church is seen in the background through the trees as the camera pans over a number of fields turning towards the river.

Title: To peaceful countryside at Gainford.

From the village green at Gainford the film shows the different styles of houses that are built around the area. More houses are featured on High Row and there are views of the church of St Mary and the Jacobean Hall. Another man fly-fishes in the river.

Title: Where a Roman bridge once spanned the river.

What appear’s to be the remains of a Roman bridge protrude’s from the water.

Title: To Piercebridge.

A stone road bridge crosses the river followed by views of a number of houses built around the village green. The river is seen from the bridge.

Title: Then slowly winding its way by Blackwell, Croft, Hurworth and Yarm.

Looking upstream the river Skerne joins the Tees at Hurworth Place. A cargo train crosses the viaduct at Yarm followed by traffic travelling along Yarm High Street with town hall in distance.

Title: It reaches abruptly at Thornaby and Stockton the busy haunt of men.

From the bottom of Stockton High Street next to the Royal Hotel buses and cars wait at the traffic lights. There are various views market stalls around Stockton town hall. A policeman holds up traffic as pedestrians cross the busy road. From the river at Thornaby three small boats are moored on the water. A steam ship is moored at Stockton quayside with several warehouse and cranes in the distance.

Title: Below smoke-filled skies and between banks lined with factories and furnaces, past its busy port, Middlesbrough, it moves onto the sea.

The industrial landscape around one of the bends in the river showing factories and blast furnaces in the distance and empty land in the foreground. From underneath the Transporter Bridge at Haverton Hill the spire of St Hilda’s church can be seen in the near distance. On the nearside of the river a small paddle tug boat is moored. A steam ship “Shell Supplies” travels downstream followed by another steam ship that is being towed upstream by two tug boats. They pass under the Transporter Bridge followed by the bridges gondola which crosses back and forth across the river. A large cargo steam ship is moored alongside a quay next to a warehouse while in the background several ships can be seen under construction in a shipyard. Another tug boat travels upstream travelling under the Transporter Bridge.

General views looking south on Albert Road of traffic and pedestrians. Middlesbrough Town Hall can be seen in the background. From the corner of Albert Road and Corporation Road pedestrian cross the road in front of the town hall followed by various other views around the centre of Middlesbrough.

Further downstream there are views of a number of steel works with large chimneys. From an unknown quayside the Transporter Bridge can be seen on the distant horizon. The film ends with a steam collier heading out of the Tees estuary into the North Sea.

Title: But even waters flows down from the Hills. High Force, Caldron Snout.

Title The End.