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NEFA 21618



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An amateur film made by members of the Cleveland Cine Club about the River Tees, tracing the course of the river from Cauldron Snout falls in County Durham, downstream at High Force waterfall in Teesdale, and on to Middlesbrough and the launch from Smith's Dock of the semi-submersible oilrig Ocean Prince on the 25th July 1965. The film features views of the Tees Newport Bridge and Transporter Bridge.

The film begins with views of the River Tees flowing over Cauldon Snout waterfall in County Durham and heading at speed downstream over High Force waterfall.

The film cuts to a general view of the Newport Bridge at Middlesbrough. A small car waits beside a booth next to the Transporter Bridge. A hand in the booth holds out a ticket.

From the top of the Transporter Bridge, a panoramic view of Middlesbrough follows and shots of the walkway across the bridge as well as the metal stairs leading back to the ground.

On a quayside, a man photographs the hull of a recently launched but not completed cargo ship being towed up river by tugboats.  

The film cuts to show pollution and contaminated water along the Tees.

The film cuts from night to day. A large three masted sailing ship makes its way along the Tees. Behind it comes two tugboats towing a cargo ship up river towards Middlesbrough Docks. From a green space beside the river at St Hilda’s, not far from the Transporter Bridge, the top half of the cargo ship can be seen sailing past.

The film cuts to the South Bank dockyard of Smith’s Dock Company Ltd where four children and a crowd have gathered to watch the launch of the semi-submersible oil rig Ocean Prince on the 25th July 1965. Dignitaries climb onto the launching platform and the rig slips down into the river. Tugboats on the river stand beside the rig. General view of the Tyne Tees Television Land Rover parked nearby. The film ends with general views of the Ocean Prince of the Tees.