Film ID:
YFA 1941



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A film made by Bradford Institute of Technology of the local Teachers Social Association garden party.  It shows families enjoying themselves, playing various games such as the Kokonut Shy, and a cricket match.

The film begins with a man wearing a top hat held on by string.  He is manning the ‘Kokonut Shy’ at the garden party, with a group of adults, children and boy scouts gathered around.  There are a number of stalls, with some men in cricket dress.  The garden party is being held in a large field, and the cameraman goes around filming the well-dressed families arriving and walking around.  On the other side of the field there is a village cricket match in progress.  A small girl is blowing balloons.  People play on the various games on the stalls, including darts and rings.  Other stalls are selling food.  The man on the Kokonut Shy puts a coconut on his head and play acts being hit, and a Red Cross attendant arrives to treat him.  A man arrives on a motorcycle, followed by some families in cars.

The film shows more of the visitors playing games and walking around the stalls.