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YFA 4371



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This is a film from the Taylor family collection. It shows scenes from the family at home and out in the countryside, as well as holidaying at the seaside. There is also a school sports day and a Home Guard drill and photo.

Four children and two men are playing hockey on the lawn of their back garden. A boy is picking tomatoes in a green house, and then playing with a model boat in a water pool in the garden. On another occasion he is stoking a bonfire in the garden, later joined by his sister in her school uniform, who between them, pile it up with twigs. Their father is keeping the fire in check. The children then play a game with a yo-yo connected by string to a stick; followed by badminton. The girl feeds a small lamb from out of a bottle. The family take a walk through a wooded park with the spring flowers out. They enter a field with a church in the background and have a picnic. There are several children and adults, with the children drinking out of pop bottles. Two boys make a wooden bridge across a stream. Two men walk across the field laden with bags. Back in their garden the girl, smartly dressed, poses for the camera. She is then playing tennis in her school uniform with her father.

Back at the picnic they are eating cakes and having cups of tea. The children play down by a stream and do cartwheels. Their parents wash their hands in the stream where the children have a paddle. A car, possibly an Austin 10, drives down a country lane. The father and two children are then putting up a tent in the back garden, after which the family sits inside having tea.

The film switches to an army unit, possibly the Home Guard, using what looks like a school playground, surrounded by houses, for marching and doing drill. They head off and assemble to have their photograph taken. The film switches again to a school tug-of-war between two sets of boys, followed by a throwing competition. There are races and other games, including a relay with a football, and athletics. Then there is a school football match; with the film following the filmmaker's son. Next there is a Scout parade through the streets, passing brick arches, followed by a high jump competition at the school and the throwing competition again. There is another tug-of-war, then hurdles, with the son doing a quick pose for the camera. There are some more games, including tennis, before the prizes are handed out.

The film switches again to the boy, now a bit older, out skating on the ice. Now in the spring, the boy is sitting behind the wheel of an open-top car, possibly an MG or Alvis. Other members of the family also pose behind the wheel. The father drives off in the car.

Back in winter the boy is out shovelling snow in the garden, with his mother, and more stalactites are filmed. They are joined shovelling snow by a man and another woman. They clear a path for the car to come out. Next it is summer and the family are on the beach and swimming in the sea along with many others. They ride the waves on small surfboards. Then they go onto the cliff top where there are some old houses. They climb up steps to some ruins. The sister and brother walk towards the camera. Then they visit a harbour, and a beach, with St Michael's Mount in the background.

Two small girls are in a tent in a garden, whilst some boys are trying to pump up an inner tube. The father takes over, surrounded by a posse of children who then play with several inner tubes. The film finishes showing a hedgehog.